Nipe Fagio: For a Zero Waste and Plastic-Free Africa

Directly translated as “give me the broom” in Swahili, Nipe Fagio is a true pioneer of the waste movement in Tanzania. 

Nipe: A Swahili word which means grant me, give me, allow me or let me. The term in this instance is also being used to mean empower, enable, facilitate or equip.

Fagio: A Swahili word which means broom, a cleaning tool. The theme here is to empower society with knowledge to create habits, customs and activities geared toward an ethic of self responsibility for the creation of a clean and healthy community.

Plastics Free Africa

Nipe Fagio‘s Executive Director Ana Lê Rocha talked to us about the collaborative work that the group is doing in Tanzania and the East African Region.

“According to our 4-year trend analysis, about 76% of waste found along the coast and in the environment in Tanzania is plastic! This tells us that we need to act fast to address the entire lifecycle of plastic.”

“I’m grateful for the work that my dedicated colleagues at Nipe Fagio and GAIA are doing to achieve zero waste in Tanzania, stop plastic pollution and advocating for a single-use plastics-free East African region.”

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