The Global Plastics Treaty: Asia Pacific Perspectives

INC 2 is happening next week in Paris, France and this is an opportunity for us in Asia Pacific to push forward our demands and set the standard for a strong plastics treaty suited to our region. As such, from May 29 – June 2 we invite our members to put a spotlight on the Asia Pacific perspective this INC-2.

For GAIA, the overall aim for the treaty are:

  • Reducing plastic production
  • Excluding false solutions from treaty finance/tech transfer
  • ZW solutions (including definitions and standards for recycling, reuse models, etc.)
  • Just transition for waste pickers
  • BFFP/GAIA Movement building through treaty work
In Asia Pacific, advocacy groups have reiterated the call for a Global Plastics Treaty that:
  • Addresses the full lifecycle of plastics and its impacts
  • Integrates the voices and experiences of waste pickers
  • Provides accessible and transparent data on plastic production
  • Enforces strong Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) with clear upstream targets
  • Has clear language against false solutions such as incineration, chemical recycling, among others.