GLOBAL ZERO WASTE CITIES SUMMIT | Join us and hundreds of municipal officials and waste management implementers from around the world for this virtual interactive event. Together with experts and advocates, we will discuss the latest trends around zero waste — the most cost-effective way to phase out waste disposal, create better jobs, build resilient communities, facilitate just transition and take climate action.

Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste — fundamentally restructuring a system that sends billions of tons of waste a year into our land, oceans, and air  — is about regeneration, respect for nature, and environmental and social justice. Implementing zero waste strategies such as waste reduction, composting, recycling, and industrial redesign leads to more resilient cities and communities, social equity, and healthier environments.

A Global community

Our Impact

From our founding meeting in 2000 that brought together 83 participants from 23 countries, GAIA has grown into an organization that unites hundreds of members in 90 different countries.  Together, we have played a leadership role in influencing climate policy, building a world free from plastic, and supporting cities in their transition to zero waste.


million people live in cities with zero waste commitments


incinerators prevented


advisory board members from 27 countries

$2.6 million

distributed to member organizations annually, and growing