Global Zero Waste Cities Summit 2023

About the Summit

The Global Zero Waste Cities Summit was hosted by GAIA and Zero Waste Europe in May 2023. Together with experts and advocates, we:

  • discussed the latest developments on zero waste as a proven, cost-effective strategy to both reduce waste pollution and help cities reach their climate goals; and
  • met hundreds of municipal officials, zero waste implementers, and fellow changemakers.

The GZWC Summit was a live, interactive, virtual event spanning all timezones and multiple languages (Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, Portuguese, and more). 



Zero waste is both a goal and a plan of action to phase out waste disposal in landfills and incinerators through a variety of strategies such as waste prevention, redesign, reuse, organic waste recovery and recycling. Overall, implementing zero waste systems creates more resilient communities, a cooler climate, social equity, and healthier environments.

Over 550 municipalities around the world are already taking steps to transition into zero waste in a wide range of economic, social, climatic, and legal contexts.

Agenda and Recordings



Zero Waste Booths