Sustainability Manuals for Eco-Friendly Practices and Community Sensitization in Egypt

By Alaaedeen Tawfik, Greenish

Greenish, an organization that promotes sustainability in Egypt, has developed environmentally friendly manuals in the form of open-source information pools to assist local populations in gaining knowledge regarding the effects of climate change and sustainability.

The purpose of Greenish manuals is to offer environmental content on a variety of subjects. These manuals are primarily aimed towards college and school students who have limited access to environmental resources written in Arabic, notably in Egypt. However, the manuals are available to anybody who might find them helpful. The purpose of Greenish is to provide people who are interested in finding out more about the environment with the chance to access material in the language that is most comfortable to them. 

Although there is an abundance of English-language resources on environmental and scientific topics, the organization’s primary objective is to improve environmental consciousness by publishing the very first manuals written in both Arabic and English. Every effort is made to continually update and improve the information in order to make it user-friendly for everyone who accesses it. 

The manuals currently cover seven different topics, which are Ecological Principles, Biodiversity, Clean Energy, Facilitators Guide, Waste Management, Public Health, and Water, Food, and Agriculture, respectively. In addition, Greenish is presently engaged in the production of three new manuals, the release of which will be announced within the following few months. You will find links to each of these guides on the Greenish Manuals page of the Greenish website, which can be accessed at: