Stop Waste Colonialism


It’s time to #StopWasteColonialism in the Global South! All countries need to take responsibility for how they produce and manage their waste, because no place should be a dumping ground! Our people are valuable and deserving of clean and healthy environments. We must return to the traditional indigenous practices that encapsulate principles of preservation and reuse, to drive the local solutions needed for our health and wellbeing.

The Campaign

We have seen the effects of waste colonialism in the African continent. Where our natural resources have been depleted, to fuel corporate greed. Where our resources are returned to us, in the form of waste and cheap products made from toxic recycled materials. Where plastic waste has infiltrated its way into our land, oceans and physical bodies, severing our cultural connections with the earth and violating our rights to a clean and healthy environment.

As Global South countries start closing down their borders to this unjust practice of waste dumping, we need to proactively guard against this happening in other parts of the world. The Global North cannot continue to export its waste problem onto the Global South, all countries need to take responsibility for how they produce and manage their waste.


Our Demands

We demand that corporations take full responsibility for their products, and that Extended Producer Responsibility becomes a mandatory practice, prioritising redesign, waste prevention and setting up systems that make the disposal of waste redundant.

We demand that waste pickers, who have been providing essential waste services without protection or support for too long, be given a central role.

We demand that corporations stop the double standards that encourage African governments to invest in false solutions, like incineration, pyrolysis and other harmful waste burning technologies.

We demand that the health and wellbeing of our communities be prioritised over profit, and that African Governments uphold existing legislation to prevent the transfer of hazardous waste into our countries.

Sign the Plastic Waste Trade Manifesto

This manifesto is a call to European Union institutions to legislate, through the Waste Shipment Regulation, an end to plastic waste exports from the Union and intra-EU management of European plastic waste that is in line with a genuine circular economy, as outlined in the Circular Economy Action Plan and Green Deal.


Sign the BFFP Plastic Pollution Act of 2021

While countries like Kenya have made significant strides to ban plastic materials, these attempts are trying to be undermined through a trade agreement between the US and Kenya. The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2021, a comprehensive federal bill that advances practical solutions to systematically address the plastic pollution crisis, is being introduced in the US Congress by Senator Merkley and Representative Lowenthal. This bill shows a commitment to real solutions by reducing throwaway plastics and encouraging producer responsibility, stopping waste exports and  combating false solutions such as incineration.  Sign the letter to support this bill and let’s stop the US exporting its waste problem to other countries.