On the Frontlines: Waste Pickers in Asia

Suchismita Pai of SWaCH and Nguyen Thi Hoai Linh of Environment et Developpment Du TIERS-MONDE (Enda) – Vietnam, share about their work with waste pickers, their experience working with them during the pandemic, and recommendations to improve welfare and safeguard rights of waste pickers.

Shibu Nair of GAIA, Saraswathi Devi Odian of Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP), and Fictor Ferdinand of Yayasan Pengembangan Biosains dan Bioteknologi (YPBB) share simple composting techniques that the public can do at home, especially while on lockdown.

Shibu Nair of GAIA Asia Pacific and Michael Templonuevo of Cavite Greens, bring in-depth discussions and share their experiences in organics management through biogas at home.

Dr. Romy Quijano of University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH)/Adviser, Pesticide Action Network and Justine Maillot of Consumption & Production Campaigner, Zero Waste Europe/Policy Coordinator, Rethink Plastic Alliance discuss the Unwrapped Project to GAIA and Break Free From Plastic members to help them in their campaign against single-use plastics.

GAIA members tracking the waste trade and how it impacts communities on the ground in Asia Pacific will discuss this pressing issue, and how we can fight back. Featuring Yuyun Ismawati of Nexus 3 (Indonesia), Jane Bremmer of Zero Waste Australia, Mageswari Sangaralingam of Consumers’ Association of Penang (Malaysia), and Sirine Rached (GAIA).

Are you curious about incinerators and how Asian countries, particularly the Philippines, Malaysia, and New Zealand, fight back in building one? Join this webinar as our speakers talk about defending the incineration ban in the Philippines, the incinerator push by the government of Malaysia, and the incinerator push by the industry in New Zealand.

As we celebrate World Cities Day, let us look back on the work of our members in pushing for single-use plastic ban. Our speakers will talk about pioneering plastic bag ban in Bangladesh, banning SUPs in Jakarta, and going beyond SUPs ban.

Seminario virtual realizado con el fin de conocer más sobre el origen e importancia de un tratado global de plásticos para América Latina y El Caribe, les invitamos a un nuevo seminario virtual para discutir con expertos de CIEL y Marviva ¿Dónde estamos frente a un Convenio global sobre contaminación plástica?

Listen in on a gathering with activists and organizers to learn how to start building zero waste systems in your community. Panelists discuss the campaigns they have led at the intersections of waste management and community empowerment, fair development, labor rights, health, and racial justice.