ECOTON (Indonesia) – Support Their Indonesia River Expedition

Protect the rivers

ECOTON is focusing on the #TolakPlastikSekaliPakai campaign, which is increasingly threatening river biodiversity. They found that the impact of single-use plastic has turned into microplastics that pollute waters. In the Youtube series ‘Expedition of 3 Rivers’ produced by Watchdoc and ECOTON, it was shown that plastic waste, especially sachets, diapers, sanitary napkins and plastic bottles had polluted 3 Main Rivers in Java Island.

The phenomenon of microplastic pollution though is not a  single problem of the island of Java, but also on other islands throughout Indonesia.Through this expedition, ECOTON opens the opportunity to donate as an effort to support this activity.

The funds raised will be used as follows:
  • Campaigns and Activities: Screening of 3 Rivers Expeditionary Films and FGDs in 64 Locations, Zero Waste Cities, Clean up Nusantara Rivers, Inventory of Waste Generation in the Nusantara River.
  • Research and training : Water Quality Measurement (biota, Physics and Chemistry) 68 Microplastic Test in Water Laboratory
  • Signing of the petition: For a roadmap for waste management and reduction by producers and a petition for accountability for sachet waste by producers
  • Advocacy against single use plastic with theatrical action with the community

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