p-bag-free-day_22Strong zero waste systems at the municipal level are critical in preventing plastics pollution and the flow of plastic waste into oceans and waterways. Already, a growing array of cities around the world are demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and success of zero waste solutions, achieving more than 75% resource recovery rates through superior source separation programs, collection systems, and community education. Replicating these models in coastal cities where high volumes of waste enter the ocean provides a powerful opportunity to address marine plastics while simultaneously improving urban health and job opportunities.if-you-cant-recycle-it-re-design-it

GAIA’s multifaceted approach to addressing plastic pollution includes: (1) working with cities on zero waste systems that prevent plastics from entering dumps, incinerators, or oceans; (2) securing policies that reduce the production and consumption of single-use, disposable plastics; and (3) building a powerful movement to demand corporate redesign of products and delivery systems and to stop plastic at its source.

GAIA is proud to be a founding member of the #breakfreefromplastic initiative which includes hundreds of organizations worldwide committed to a world free of plastic pollution — learn more about #breakfreefromplastic and sign up to affirm the movement’s values and principles here.