Zoë Beery

Zoë worked for seven years as a journalist and editor before joining GAIA and has a background in audio engineering. She grew up in northern California and now lives in Brooklyn. 

Coming in with over a decade of experience in climate advocacy, and master’s and doctorate degrees in Geography focusing on climate change mitigation in agricultural landscapes and environmental justice and liberatory education in school gardens. A former National Science Foundation fellow, Tok is passionate about science and education, and has experience shaping solid waste policies in New York City and state with communities living amidst environmental injustices. Tok has lived briefly in a few countries and has done sustainable development work in Nigeria and farming/teaching in Ecuador.

Jenny has experience as a climate action educator and researcher and has organized with her friends to demand fossil fuel divestment, environmental justice, and just and lasting peace. She is on the secretariat of the New Jersey chapter of the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines.

Chris joined the environmental justice movement over twenty years ago when he worked with Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living (CRCQL) to combat one of the most egregious examples of environmental racism in the country. Since then, he has worked at a variety of nonprofits on issues ranging from education to the environment.

Christie joined GAIA in 2005 and has 25 years of experience with social movements and international non-profit organizations. She began her work in Guatemala as a popular educator, program coordinator, and strategic planning facilitator for groups in the women’s movement and Mayan-Campesino organizing community, as well as in international human rights. For the last 15 years, Christie has worked from the U.S. on international waste, public health, and environmental justice issues.

Monica has worked with GAIA since 2002 and served five years as GAIA’s International Co-Coordinator. Monica serves on the board of the Grassroots Recycling Network, was previously on the board of the Northern California Recycling Association, and is a master composter. In 2012 she was honored to be named by the California Resource Recovery Association as “Recycler of the Year” together with GAIA’s US & Canada Program, for achievement in the field. Monica is based in GAIA’s Berkeley, U.S. office.

Nautica’s experience and passion with youth development cultivated a strong sense of humanitarianism, which laid the path to non-profit work that spearheads global change for the betterment of human life. Active outdoors and well-traveled, Nautica has been a catalyst for love & peace since moving away from his parents’ San Diego home at 17. His ultimate dream is to build an education system that juxtaposes the current education programs available to the youth – developing the leaders of our future.

Originally from India, Aditi grew up in China and is now based in New York City. Her academic background centers on environmental justice, and she is pursuing a Master of Urban Planning at New York University. Aditi was a community organizer prior to joining GAIA and is fiercely dedicated to building a world that values people and the planet before profit.

Finance & Business Director for the GAIA U.S. office. She has a background in business admin and finance, working with nonprofits to build solid infrastructures to fortify their missions. Her interest in this field began when she managed a free-standing birth center in Portland, Maine and since then she has worked with many Bay Area social and environmental justice organizations. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Business Administration. Brieshen loves gardening, hiking with her family and days spent at the beach.