Mariela Pino

After seven years of study and work on biodigesters in three different continents, Mariela went back to Chile and focused her energies on consolidating the Latin American Network of Biodigesters. Through her work in the management of rural and urban biodegradable waste, and her involvement with Zero Waste Alliance Chile Mariela confirmed her drive to seek real paradigm changes. She has been focusing on projects with social impact, particularly environmental justice work. She loves camping, gardening, and sewing.

Alejandra is a Biologist specialist in Natural Resource Management and holds a Masters’ Degree in Planning. She is a co-founding member of the Chilean organization RADA (Red de Acción por los Derechos Ambientales). Alejandra is an environmental activist with more than 20 years of experience. She has also implemented citizen environmental education programs, zero waste strategies at the local level, and developed advocacy actions aiming to impact public policies a the regional, national, and international levels.

María Esther is a Biologist, MSc. in Environmental Management Systems, a specialist in urban solid waste management, and a researcher focused on marine pollution by plastics. She has worked as an independent advisor on issues related to sustainability, and in NGOs as coordinator of socio-environmental development projects for more than 15 years.

Camila’s interest in nature led her to hold a Diploma in Socio-Environmental Studies, which she hopes will become her subject of specialization. Previous to joining GAIA, she volunteered for different environmental initiatives, being the most significant a project she developed with local recyclers in the city of Concepción, Chile. Camila is also the co-founder of the local NGO Fundación El Árbol. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her bike, hiking, and reading.

Magda has worked in communications and networking with several Chilean NGOs and in Television Trust for the Environment (UK), supporting educational and activism programs in forestry and biodiversity for 15 years. For the last fourteen years she has worked on waste issues with cities in Latin America, particularly defending the rights of recyclers and promoting zero waste. She is based in Concepción, Chile.