Giulia Lodi

As Communication & Network Officer, Giulia develops and implements the ZWE’s communication activities together with the other members of the Communications Team. At the same time, she is the main point of contact in the Communications Team for ZWE’s member organisations, working together to improve the communications with and for our network. Giulia believes that a more sustainable and resources-mindful society is possible by fostering cross-sector collaborations and local involvement. She personally tries to minimise her impact on the planet by buying consciously and reusing and repairing as much as possible.

Nathan leads on ZWE efforts to make reusable packaging systems a reality in Europe, building bridges between CSOs, new businesses, innovators, cities, academics, investors and policy-makers. A substantial part of these efforts is coordinated through the systemic work we do as part of the ReuSe Vanguard Project (RSVP), which started early 2021. He also co-coordinates the business leg of the BFFP-led We Choose Reuse campaign which, among others, has gathered the support of more than 300 businesses from across Europe.

As the Business Development Manager for the Mission Zero Academy (MiZA), Solène designs strategies and engages with key partners, municipalities, and businesses to accelerate their transition to zero waste, while supporting them through their certification journey in a comprehensive way.

Before joining Zero Waste Europe, Solène worked as a Business Developer providing advisory services in China to foreign companies willing to set up operations in the Mainland, providing them with customised solutions. Working on multiple projects at a time, she has experience in construction, human resources, and tax advisory services.

Seán leads all press activities as it pertains to the organization, from drafting and publishing press releases to media liaison. He also supports the communications team in the delivery of high-impact social media and other communications materials.

As an Implementation Officer, Manon works closely with ZWE network members, cities, and partners, providing them with the technical guidance and support needed to accelerate the implementation of zero waste strategies at the local level. This includes capturing, showcasing, and disseminating best practices and methods related to waste prevention and management, reuse systems, organics collection and recovery as well as financing opportunities.
A large part of her role focuses on the implementation of the LIFE BIOBEST project, which identifies, validates, and mainstreams best practices on bio-waste recycling in Europe.

As Alice, I oversee the effective day-to-day operations of the organization: HR, finance, and legal. With the operations team, she makes sure ZWE’s company culture and values are reflected throughout the organization and that we enable everyone to be successful in their roles.

As the Head of Policy, Aline is responsible for coordinating the policy team of ZWE and for representing the organization in policy discussions. She ensures strategic coherence and vision for the EU and global policy work, and supports ZWE’s policy team working on topics ranging from product design to waste disposal.
To sum up: bringing ZWE policy efforts together.

As a Waste Policy Officer, Theresa mainly acts within the EU institutional bubble, pushing for more ambitious legislation on waste management, food waste, or waste shipments. She also supports the Cities & Communities program by linking with European legislation and identifying good practices to be disseminated across Europe.

Stephanie coordinates the engagement of the network of 32 members in the work of ZWE and makes sure that members are supported and empowered to implement a joint vision of a zero waste Europe.