Theresa Mörsen

As a Waste Policy Officer, Theresa mainly acts within the EU institutional bubble, pushing for more ambitious legislation on waste management, food waste, or waste shipments. She also supports the Cities & Communities program by linking with European legislation and identifying good practices to be disseminated across Europe.

Stephanie coordinates the engagement of the network of 32 members in the work of ZWE and makes sure that members are supported and empowered to implement a joint vision of a zero waste Europe.

As a Communications Assistant, Nanna supports the implementation of all ZWE’s communication activities, including digital campaigns, newsletters, and content for social media.

As the Policy Officer on Chemicals Recycling and Plastic-to-Fuels, Lauriane engages with European institutions to develop ambitious, human-, and environmentally-friendly legislation focusing on the chemical treatment of waste. Before joining ZWE, she did a traineeship at the European Parliament, where she followed the IMCO Committee and focused on consumer protection.

Caroline focuses on the creation of new financing models for zero waste cities and businesses. Before joining ZWE she worked in many different and challenging environments, in different countries, on diverse topics –  from public to private sectors, building businesses from scratch, always driven by the necessity to ‘act for good’.

Desi ensures that ZWE runs smoothly and maintains a healthy financial state through compliance with financial procedures. She’s involved in payments, accounting, and budget follow-up; and is a contact point for any financial matters. Prior to joining the team, Desi had work experiences in the healthcare, aviation, and IT sectors. She completed a traineeship at the European Commission’s DG Trade and volunteered in an organization for health and drug prevention amongst the youth.

Mariel is currently driving the global work of Zero Waste Europe as Director of Global Strategy, building bridges and identifying opportunities for collaboration across borders to promote zero waste policies and practices with members worldwide. Prior to this role, between 2014-2019 she was the Managing Director of Zero Waste Europe, during its foundation and early development. Before 2014 she was the lead climate policy campaigner for the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA).

Larissa has a background in Law and she worked as a Legal Consultant on environment, health, and safety policies. She is passionate about environmental protection and sustainable development practices. She is a zero waster at heart, and enjoys running campaigns and empowering people towards sustainable consumption patterns. She also likes cooking and preparing her zero waste cosmetics and products, while fostering her creativity.

Kaisa leads the development of the Mission Zero Academy and its services; design, test and scale-up different training and consultancy concepts; as well as performance certifications that accelerate the transition to zero waste in municipalities and businesses. She scouts and forms partnerships with different organizations on a similar mission, and identifies the most pressing needs for us to solve.