Webinar, U.S. Zero Waste Masterplan

Zero waste is a crucial component of a regenerative economy with the potential to safeguard public health, create good jobs, support local economies, and mitigate climate change.

Seminario virtual realizado con el fin de conocer más sobre el origen e importancia de un tratado global de plásticos para América Latina y El Caribe, les invitamos a un nuevo seminario virtual para discutir con expertos de CIEL y Marviva ¿Dónde estamos frente a un Convenio global sobre contaminación plástica?

Merci Ferrer of War on Waste Negros Oriental and Barangay Captain Mario Pascobello bring us to the picturesque island of Apo to explain how the Zero Waste system helps the community preserve this important island’s rich biodiversity and gives hope to inspire other communities to take care of our environment.

Listen in on a gathering with activists and organizers to learn how to start building zero waste systems in your community. Panelists discuss the campaigns they have led at the intersections of waste management and community empowerment, fair development, labor rights, health, and racial justice.

City Environment Officer Mark Lloyd Mesina talks about how the government of Malabon is making ways to support Zero Waste Cities down to its Barangays in a collaborative process of community empowerment.

Tune into an inspiring conversation about how cities are leading the way to sustainability through transformative zero waste policies and practices. Esteemed panelists discussed how they worked with strong and engaged constituencies to achieve justice and equity to build successful zero waste programs in their cities.

In addition to increasing sustainability and building climate resilience, zero waste systems also save cities money! However in terms of the initial funding to get these new systems off the ground, many cities and advocates might not know exactly where to start. That’s why GAIA has created a tool for our members called “3 Ways to Zero Waste,” drawing from the expertise of our membership. In this webinar, hear from seasoned zero waste advocates in Africa, India, Chile and the Philippines discuss how they helped their cities develop financial plans for building zero waste systems.

Contrary to common perception, Asia is home to various Zero Waste solutions, ready for scale up. If we want to solve the global plastic waste problem, we need to look at Asia beyond the obvious problems, in order to see the solutions that are happening in the region.

Why cities and communities play such an important role in the transition to a zero waste resource efficient future.