Back to Earth: Composting for Various Contexts

With organics making up more than 50% of solid waste in Asia, managing this waste stream will have a huge impact on waste management and the reduction of methane emissions. 

With superb illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, “Back to Earth” encourages people to explore every facet of composting: whether in a sprawling backyard or in a limited space such as a high-rise apartment, composting can be customized to suit any situation. 

The most important message, however, is that composting is a simple and yet effective step anyone can take to help alleviate the burden on our landfills, replenish soil nutrients, and reduce carbon and methane emissions. 

Basura cero – una propuesta integral para el manejo de residuos queprioriza la prevención, reutilización, compostaje y el reciclaje de residuos – es una estrategia que ha sido implementada ampliamente para minimizar los impactos ambientales y contribuir a una sociedad justa. El presente estudio evalúa su potencial para crear puestos de trabajo.

The data for this study came from a wide range of sources spanning 16 countries. Despite the diversity in geographic and economic conditions, the resutls are clear: zero waste approachescreate orders of magnitude more jobs than disposal-based systems that primarily burn or bury waste. This study also finds evidence for good job quality in zero waste systems.

Economic recovery, job creation, and poverty alleviation are currently at the top of government agendas all over the world. Meanwhile, we continue to face a global waste crisis, which can be mitigated through zero waste solutions, solutions that would address the very issues governments are seeking to resolve.