Sachet Economy: Big Problems in Small Packets

The report Sachet Economy: Big Problems in Small Packets looks into the sachet economy in the Philippines that continues to add to and worsen the growing plastics pollution problem, how the big businesses corrupted Filipino’s tingi culture, and a new study by the Research Center for Social Sciences and Education of the University of Santo Tomas that looks into the public attitude towards plastic pollution. The report presents new findings and recommendations for companies and policymakers to address the onslaught of plastic sachet waste in the Philippines.

Burning is the most harmful way to handle plastic waste. It turns one form of pollution into others, including air emissions, toxic ash, and wastewater.

Epidemiological studies provide sufficient evidence of direct health impacts of incinerators, which range from neoplasia to congenital anomalies, infant deaths and miscarriage. While more research can be done on newer incinerators when enough data is collected over time, the findings of existing studies suggest serious risks associated with incinerators, both for nearby and distant populations.