A Key to Rapid Methane Reduction: Keeping Organic Waste from Landfills

Waste is the third largest source of methane emissions, a greenhouse gas over 80 times as potent as CO2. Most waste sector methane emissions come from landfilling organic waste. This paper discusses how diverting organic waste from landfill is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to lower methane emissions.

With organics making up more than 50% of solid waste in Asia, managing this waste stream will have a huge impact on waste management and the reduction of methane emissions. 

With superb illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, “Back to Earth” encourages people to explore every facet of composting: whether in a sprawling backyard or in a limited space such as a high-rise apartment, composting can be customized to suit any situation. 

The most important message, however, is that composting is a simple and yet effective step anyone can take to help alleviate the burden on our landfills, replenish soil nutrients, and reduce carbon and methane emissions. 

A presente pesquisa realizada em Maio e Junho de 2021, envolveu um levantamento de dados secundários (websites e relatórios) e dados primários coletados por via de entrevistas conduzidas de forma online com representantes do governo e da cooperativa Acácia. Araraquara é um município brasileiro localizado no interior do estado de São Paulo, na Região Sudeste do país, com população total de 238.339 habitantes, sendo que a maioria (229.361), ou seja 96% dos habitantes, vivem em zona urbana.

Londrina é um município brasileiro localizado no estado do Paraná, na Região Sul do país, distante 381 km da capital do estado, Curitiba (ver Figura 1). A população de Londrina é de 575.377 habitantes. Londrina tem o posto de cidade mais populosa do interior do estado paranaense, e o município possui uma área de 1.652,569 km², com densidade populacional de 348,2 habitantes/km² (IBGE, 2020).

Shibu Nair of GAIA, Saraswathi Devi Odian of Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP), and Fictor Ferdinand of Yayasan Pengembangan Biosains dan Bioteknologi (YPBB) share simple composting techniques that the public can do at home, especially while on lockdown.

Shibu Nair of GAIA Asia Pacific and Michael Templonuevo of Cavite Greens, bring in-depth discussions and share their experiences in organics management through biogas at home.

In this webinar we explore community composting programs implemented in India, Ghana, and the United States. Experts talk about different composting techniques and discuss lessons learned.

This webinar explores best practices and different experiences of community composting in the U.S.

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