Business Unusual. Enterprises Paving the Way to Zero Waste

The reemergence of zero waste stores in Asia Pacific is more than just a welcome development; it is a big leap for businesses in reimagining the way materials and products circulate in a mroe sustainable way. The success stories featured in this publication present beautiful possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs in adapting zero waste as a driving force for their business.

How Zero Waste and online shopping work together? RePack is a closed-loop system that can reduce ecommerce packaging by 96% while providing the same consumer experience as the disposable one.

In November 2016, Freiburg decided to stop the flood of disposable coffee cups. Less than two years later, Freiburg has proven how a mid-size city can push for alternatives to the throw-away society and define the political agenda.

Recircle has arrived to transform take-away restaurants. In two years, more than 400 restaurants across Switzerland are already using Recircle’s 70,000 reusable meal boxes.
A winning solution that prevents waste and saves money to restaurants and cities.

In 5 years, PHENIX saved 30.000 tonnes of food products and distributed 60 millions meals across France, proving that it is possible to prevent food waste and create new jobs while saving money.