Practical Guide to Dealing with an Incineration Proposal

Latin America & the Caribbean - -

Countering a proposal for incineration in our communities is always a challenge that requires a lot of energy, conviction and perseverance. Those who promote the incineration of waste in any of its forms are usually powerful figures, with financial resources and influence, who use the ignorance and volatility of the authorities to reach agreements without the support or knowledge of citizens. But their strategy has one flaw: they underestimate the power of grassroot organizations and communities.

This practical guide seeks to support community defense processes against waste incineration projects, making use of the learning of those who have already experienced these struggles and making available the most useful information to combat these false solutions to the waste problem.
We propose 15 steps to fight against proposals for the incinerators, from which you can choose the most relevant to the local context, change the order in which they are developed, or use them all if necessary. Let’s get ready to fight the waste incineration! Ready?