Jorge Tadeo Vargas Juvera, residing in the State of Mexico, has been providing accompaniment and technical and informative advice to communities in the states of Mexico and Hidalgo about the socio-environmental impacts of the incineration of waste in cement kiln, as well as on community alternatives for waste management.

Jorge has been a victim of harassment and threats intermittently since 2013. Throughout 2017 the threats intensified, this time aimed at the LIDECS collective, in which Jorge and his partner Brisa Carrasco participate. Since June 2017 they have faced different cases of espionage by electronic mail, cell phone, whatsapp cloning, and sending their location and calls to telephone contacts, among others. Between November of 2017 and January of 2018, they have received threatening phone calls, with phrases like “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into by supporting these communities” and “it seems like the only thing you understand is a beating.”

In recent months these threats have become in-person, with vehicles parked or traveling through places that Jorge and Brisa frequent. The event that triggered this petition was the presence of unknown persons acted suspiciously toward the activists’ teenage daughter. The parents main concern is possibility of kidnapping as a mechanism of intimidation.

The constant intimidation shows a clear state of threat of the aforementioned persons, which is why the undersigned make the following request as a matter of urgency:

* That the federal, state and municipal authorities provide immediate protection to Jorge Tadeo Vargas and his family, and a thorough and effective investigation into the threats received.

* Stop the harassment, threats, attacks and murders against activists defending the Earth and Human Rights, in general.

* To human rights organizations and commissions, we request that you provide advice, guidance, and immediate support, so that the case has due follow-up.

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Additional information

The work done by these activists together with other professionals and community leaders from the LIDECS collective, together with the research carried out by Brisa Carrasco from the academy, are a threat to these projects. Therefore those affected represent a risk for the investments that are underway or planned. The complainants hold the companies and the governments that support them responsible for the threats and aggressions they have received, and for any future act that threatens their integrity and that of their family.