GAIA is a worldwide alliance of more than 800 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals in over 90 countries whose ultimate vision is a just, toxic-free world without incineration.

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We are hiring: Climate and Zero Waste Finance Associate

GAIA is a worldwide alliance of more than 800 organizations and individuals in over 90 countries working for justice and a world without waste. We see waste, plastics, and their resulting pollution as a symptom of a larger, profit-driven extractive economy, and we...

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Are Businesses Ready to Beat Plastic Pollution?

Millions of tonnes of plastic waste leaks into the world’s oceans every year. Though these are local, the problem of plastic production, waste generation, and plastic pollution is global. Global plastic production has increased steadily and has reached 320 million...

Plastics and health

We Can’t Burn Away Our Plastic Problem By Claire Arkin, Communications Coordinator     When we hear about plastic pollution, it often takes the form of sea turtles with straws up their noses, seals with plastic nets around their necks, and seabirds with...

Waste-to-Energy has no place in Africa

For centuries, self-sufficient agricultural societies had been zero waste by nature. This sustainable cycle broke when artificial materials,  such as plastic packaging, began conquering the market. As the world's fastest-urbanizing continent, Africa has...

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