The conviction of Derek Chauvin will not bring George Floyd back to life, nor will it ensure justice for countless other black and brown people killed at the hands of police. It does not mean that the fight for racial justice is won. But it is one step towards accountability. 

We know that there can be no environmental justice without racial justice. The conviction of one police officer does not address the hundreds of years of systemic inequality that poisons the core of our democracy, our country, our bodies and our hearts. We must collectively face the devastating impacts of white supremacy and racism, and abolish the systems that prop them up.

Here are four things you can do today to further fight for racial justice: 

  1. Demand Justice for Ma’Khia Byant:
  2. Donate:
  3. Promote the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act:

The environmental movement must join hands with the movements for Black and indigenous lives. We stand with the Floyd family and with our members in Minneapolis, and hope that this moment offers some relief as we continue to march in solidarity towards a future where no George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Adam Toledo, Duante Wright, or any Black and brown person dies at the hands of racism.