GAIA’s structure is designed to facilitate building movement power and capacity, to support work that is driven by the needs of our grassroots membership, and to advance strategic cross-border campaigns. Horizontal engagement among members regionally and globally drives the work, with the assistance of a lean, functional staff coordination team.

Formally, we operate through three legal entities, registered as nonprofit organizations in their respective jurisdictions: GAIA Philippines, GAIA USA, and Zero Waste Europe (headquartered in Belgium). The three entities coordinate closely, have financial ties, and secure mission and vision guidance from regional members and from national or regional boards and/or regional advisory committees. They also benefit from advice from the global steering committee and global membership. In regions or sub-regions where GAIA does not have formal legal entities in place, we contract with local personnel. For example, GAIA’s Latin America coordinator is based in Chile, and we work with contractors in India and other places. We are committed to being a global network with locally-based staff working in their regions.

GAIA Coordination Team (Staff)

Global Advisory Hub

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