GAIA Asia Pacific


GAIA is a worldwide alliance of more than 800 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals in over 90 countries whose ultimate vision is a just, Zero Waste world built on respect for ecological limits and community rights, where people are free from the burden of toxic pollution, and resources are sustainably conserved, not burned or dumped.  We recognize that our planet’s finite resources, fragile biosphere, and the health of people and other living beings are endangered by polluting and inefficient production practices, and health-threatening disposal methods. Because of this, we oppose incinerators, landfills, and other end-of-pipe interventions. Our goal is clean production and the creation of a closed-loop, materials-efficient economy where all products are reused, repaired, or recycled.


The Resource Mobilization Officer as part of the GAIA Asia Pacific’s support programs team will be responsible for assisting the Network with a range of operational and analytical tasks necessary for mobilizing and managing resources while engaging in technical dialogues with potential and current donors. The role is strategically important in the Network’s goal to achieve sustainability of the Network for the implementation of its strategic plan positioning vis-à-vis its contributions from governments, other public and private sectors, and alternative sources whilst ensuring the core resource base of the Network. 

Reporting: Working under the direction of the Regional Coordinator, the Resource Mobilization Officer will closely coordinate with the programs team, the finance team, and the global fundraising coordinator.

Duration: This is a full-time position subject to a probationary period. It is open to individuals based in the Asia Pacific region. The Resource Mobilization Officer will be working remotely.

Compensation, and Work Environment: We offer a competitive salary plus benefits,  including a healthcare package, paid vacation and sick leaves, and other similar employment protections. We take pride in our ability to support one another’s work in an atmosphere of mutual trust, transparency, and respect, and look forward to introducing the successful candidate to our welcoming and highly motivated team and members.

Responsibilities: The scope of the position includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

Resource mobilization (70%)

  1. Assist in identifying, engaging, and securing support from a variety of potential donors in government, foundations, philanthropists and other sources of finance 
  2. Lead in writing high-quality and timely funding proposals in coordination with program leads
  3. Develop donor profiles and resource mobilization strategies 
  4. Lead administrative processes and procedures required to receive grants and other resource streams
  5. Develop resource mobilization presentations, and briefing notes; participate in donor and membership meetings and assist the Regional Coordinator in the finalization of grant agreements.
  6. In coordination with program leads, the Project Administrator and finance team, facilitate the timely submission of high-quality narrative and financial reports based on specific donor requirements

Program management (15%)

  1. In close collaboration with other program leads, develop sound annual resource mobilization plans and budgets  to effectively support the Network’s strategic plan
  2. Work continuously with the management committee in monitoring resources projections and scenarios and developing targeted adjustments to resource mobilization strategy to facilitate diverse resource streams.
  3. Monitor donor policies, trends and funding mechanisms related to the Network’s thematic advocacies and advising the team on the development, implementation and revision of the resource mobilization strategy as a response to those changes.
  4. Participate in regional and global workgroups relevant to resource mobilization

Representation and relationship-building (10%)

  1. In coordination with the regional coordinator, maintain and manage the relationship with donors and maintain relations with donors to ensure continued funding and recommend innovative funding opportunities
  2. Represent the Network in several donor meetings and other spaces relevant to resource mobilization;
  3. Outreach to a wide variety of stakeholders and networks to broaden and strengthen the contributor base of the Network

Capacity-building  (5%)

  1. Implements components of the global strategy for resource mobilization 
  2. Plan and contribute to the development of the Network-wide capacity, processes and knowledge on resource mobilization.
  3. Coordinate and manage small grants for members in coordination with different program leads. 
  4. Perform any other functions as may be tasked by the line manager.

You are the best candidate for this post because you are: 

  • Highly skilled in building and managing relationships. You love working with people from different backgrounds and are committed to nurturing and building relationships and partnerships. You value the importance of good partnerships and are adept at creating linkages and making connections, particularly between sectors of society that do not have access to information and resources, and those that are able to provide these resources.
  • Highly skilled in coordination and organizing. You are deeply committed to equity and equality, inclusivity and diversity. You believe in the power and importance of frontline and grassroots communities and are experienced in and committed to elevating their voices to contribute to the global discourse against plastic pollution. You cherish being in a role that strengthens the work of community activists and connects them to a broader network. 
  • An excellent global/local campaigner. You take pride in your ability to lead winning campaigns and have the credentials to prove it. You understand the integral relationship between local and global campaign and advocacy efforts, and you are adept at making, articulating and leveraging these connections. 
  • Highly-organized. You excel at organizing and working collaboratively and are adept at engaging with others remotely. You are capable of running different tasks simultaneously and managing complex projects and events from start to finish with minimal supervision, and you have strong attention to detail.
  • Solutions-oriented. You are adept at identifying challenges and opportunities and finding creative solutions. You are skilled in identifying and working with different stakeholders, and in building trustful and respectful relationships with them. 
  • Skilled in policy and advocacy work. You are highly experienced and interested in policy work and in using policy as a tool to create meaningful change. You take pride in representing your organization well and in making meaningful contributions in international campaigns and policy spaces to advance environmental justice.

Required Qualifications:

  • At least three (3) years of resource mobilization or fundraising  experience in a non-profit or people’s organization or network preferably at the regional or international level;
  • Proven experience in coordinating a regional or global fundraising campaign that involves working with multiple stakeholders and requiring multiple layers of consultation and tracking over time;
  • Familiarity with environmental justice principles and practices, especially in building relationships and collaboration with frontline communities and grassroots groups and other organizations;
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to manage complicated processes and other high-level administrative tasks;
  • Proven ability to work independently and use creative problem-solving skills in order to overcome obstacles and achieve goals, including work in a fast-paced environment where projects may have quick turnaround times;
  • Experience working with teams from diverse cultural backgrounds;
  • Fluent in verbal and written English and able to use online platforms and quickly learn new digital tools; and
  • Willing to travel with frequency, including internationally

 Desirable qualifications:

  • Knowledge of or familiarity with Zero Waste, waste management, energy, plastics and climate issues;
  • Strong writing and presentation skills;
  • Knowledge of another regional language;
  • Experience with program and project management 


We are committed to equal employment opportunity principles and to providing all employees with a safe work environment free from discrimination and harassment. We welcome you regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith, age, physical ability, or any other status unrelated to the performance of the job. People from historically marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.


Interested candidates should: 

  1. Send an updated resume and cover letter with your salary requirements and at least two professional references (one supervisor and one co-worker
  2. Attach 2 samples of project proposals you have written
  3. Email the required documents to with the subject line “Resource Mobilization Officer – YOUR NAME.” no later than June 15, 2023.

The position will be open until filled; the first round of interviews will commence immediately. Only candidates continuing on to the first round of interviews will be contacted. The successful candidate is expected to start work by August 2023. 

To apply for this job email your details to