Global EV Waste Strategist & Advocate


Nothing and no one should be disposable

GAIA is seeking an independent consultant or short-term staff member to manage global research and coordination for EV (electric vehicle) battery standards, to conduct key international and regional research, and to develop strategies for continued program work across GAIA’s regional offices.


The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) is a global network working towards a just and waste-free world without incineration. GAIA’s mission is to catalyze a global shift towards environmental justice by strengthening grassroots social movements that advance solutions to waste and pollution. We envision a just, zero waste world built on respect for ecological limits and community rights, where people are free from the burden of toxic pollution, and resources are sustainably conserved, not burned or dumped.


There is increasing demand for EVs (electric vehicles) and battery storage and current technologies use rare minerals and hazardous components that can cause real health and livelihood impacts when extracted and exposed. As part of the suite of approaches to limit demand for new minerals, it is imperative that best practices are developed for redesigning, repurposing, and recycling lithium ion batteries. GAIA is leading a project in 2023 to conduct top level research on standards for EV battery recycling, and develop strategies for implementation and communications globally and regionally. For this initial phase, the project will also focus on debunking false solutions, supporting communities that have been targeted for hazardous recycling, forging alliances, and providing alternatives and other solutions in order to reduce the demand and impact of EV batteries. While this project mainly focuses on the downstream portion of the EV battery supply chain, allyship with other organizations who have expertise on mining  (upstream) and battery production/refining (midstream) will provide further insight to our research and planning. With demonstrated successful outputs, funding may be renewed.


Working with research and advocacy leads from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S./Canada, the Global EV Battery Waste and Advocacy Lead will help to finalize research objectives and outputs for each region, ensure alignment across regions, and track and facilitate progress towards goals in 2023 and beyond. The Global EV Battery Waste and Advocacy Lead will also develop and propose, in collaboration with regional leads, GAIA staff, and members, long-term strategies that are aligned with research results in order to seek additional resources for implementation. This highly collaborative position will involve global policy and advocacy work, building strategic relationships with grassroots members and allies, syncing regional work with global strategies, and playing a dynamic role on a small regional team within a growing global network. This is an exciting opportunity to build out a new program area within an environmental justice organization, and to work on an increasingly pressing issue within the movement for a regenerative economy. 


  • Facilitate research design and outputs for each of the five regions, working with coordinators and members to determine priorities and goals
  • Coordinate research alignment at the global level based on the regional goals and overall project goals
  • Assist development of plans, priorities, and partnerships for each country
  • Support regions during implementation and help to track progress and timelines 
  • Contribute to research on international trade in used batteries and waste trade, and research in California battery recycling standards for EPR 
  • Lead group and one-on-one meetings with regional leads and global team to review progress
  • Track  strategic opportunities and threats in global regulations and policies 
  • Help identify and build global and regional strategic alliances and partnerships, including with anti-mining and indigenous groups 
  • Based on research findings, explore and scope out potential strategies
  • Help create capacity and knowledge in regional networks, including developing and leading internal trainings 
  • Lead consultative process with members, leads, and staff to develop long-term project and communication strategies 
  • Contribute to narrative shift strategies, educational materials, and media communications and briefings 
  • Prepare research briefs to ensure consistency across regions
  • Write donor progress reports and other high level reports or communications, and summarize key deliverables reached
  • Write funding proposal with strategies for continued work and funding 
  • Meet with donors remotely to provide updates as needed 


  • Completion of regional and global 2023 research objectives
  • Development of global strategy with regional components based on research and consultative process with members
  • Initiation of policy work in key places 
  • Building of alliances and strategic relationships  
  • Preparation of research briefs, donor reports, and proposal for continued funding 



  • Track record of success working on advocacy campaigns and movement building
  • Demonstrated skills in conducting research and tracking policy 
  • Experience in building and maintaining partnerships and coalitions 
  • Experience collaborating with grassroots and frontline organizations  
  • Outstanding verbal communication and interpersonal skills, with an ability to understand needs, connect opportunities, and troubleshoot and support challenges
  • Strong English-language writing and editing skills
  • Exceptional listening skills, a persuasive and passionate communicator 
  • Strong project manager, highly organized, detailed-oriented, and ability to meet deadlines
  • Demonstrated experience managing global projects, and working with global teams to collaborate on shared goals and deliverables 
  • Demonstrated ability to work both independently and collaboratively 
  • Be committed to GAIA’s mission and core values of: respecting local solutions and community power, shared practice for movement building, equity, inclusiveness, and social justice, and accountability 


  • Experience working within an international/multicultural organization 
  • Global policy/advocacy experience
  • Previous experience or knowledge of energy transitions, EVs, or electronic waste 
  • Media communications experience
  • Spanish language skills 


  • This position can be based anywhere globally but you must be available for virtual meetings at odd hours (early morning/late night calls depending on the time zone of project partners, and regular calls with GAIA staff in California and South Korea, as well as calls with others in every region). 
  • Salary range for a full time employee will depend on experience and location, in the US the salary range is $70,000- $80,000. Contractor candidates should present us with a proposal for completing the work at comparable cost relative to their location. 
  • The structure of this position is flexible, with options for a part-time or full-time exempt position, or part-time/flexible hours contract position, but we expect a minimum of 30 hours per week will be needed. 
  • The timeframe for the position is June to the end of December 2023. Extension may be possible, and this position may turn into a full-time staff position, depending on funding renewal. 
  • Some international travel may be required. 
  • Full COVID-19 vaccination is required for GAIA employees who travel and attend meetings for GAIA.
  • Work is performed both independently and collaboratively. Work is performed on a computer, requires almost constant use of a keyboard, mouse, or other pointing device and may be performed sitting or standing.

GAIA is a highly collaborative organization, and we take pride in our ability to support one another’s work in an atmosphere of mutual trust, transparency, and respect. We look forward to introducing the successful candidate to our welcoming and highly motivated team and members.


We are committed to equal employment opportunity principles and providing all employees with a safe work environment free from discrimination and harassment. We welcome you regardless of your race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age, physical ability, nationality, or any other status unrelated to the performance of the job and protected by law. GAIA practices affirmative action, and candidates from historically disadvantaged or marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

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