GAIA is a worldwide alliance of more than 800 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals in over 90 countries whose ultimate vision is a just, toxic-free world without incineration.  Find out more here:

Many countries particularly in the Global North are actively embracing Zero Waste solutions which offer tremendous benefits: climate emissions reduction, job creation, resource use efficiency, creation of local economies, and decreased reliance on polluting and dirty technologies such as waste-to-energy incinerators.  As the importance of embracing a Zero Waste vision gains more traction, the incinerator industry is scrambling to find new markets, and the Asia Pacific region, particularly China and India and most recently Southeast Asia, are fast-becoming the biggest target markets for these technologies.  While we deem important the need to clean the environment, our goal is clean production and the creation of a closed-loop, material efficient economy where products are reused, repaired, or recycled and countries promote Zero Waste programs and break away from single-use plastic.

In this regard, the GAIA-Asia Pacific team is looking for an experienced and vibrant campaigner who can work independently to lead the Climate and Clean Energy campaign in the region.  The CCE Campaigner needs to be able to design and implement a campaign strategy and provide support to GAIA members in the region who are working on the issue.  The ideal candidate should be well versed on environment issues and the political climate in countries GAIA is working with, be comfortable working with people with diverse culture and background, and be excited in rallying support from members towards achieving the organization’s vision and goals.

The CCE Campaigner will lead in shifting perception about the perceived benefits of incineration and help expose these technologies for what they are: outdated, a huge waste of public funds and natural resources, a big threat to public health and the environment, a proven source of toxic and dangerous substances, and an important contributor to climate change.  He/She will work with members and communities to stem the flow of incineration into the region and work with the Zero Waste Campaigner into mainstreaming ZW solutions across Asia Pacific.

As with most GAIA positions, this position will include international programs work.  The CCE Campaigner will be part of GAIA’s international coordination team, which include people based in Chile, the Philippines, US, South Africa, and Belgium.  This post reports to the Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator.

Primary Responsibilities:

Campaigning & Campaign Strategizing

  1. Work with GAIA team, members, and key partners in designing and implementing a winning regional strategy for the CCE campaign, with particular focus on waste-to-energy incineration, taking into consideration CCE trends, as well as the capacity of GAIA members working on the issue.
  2. Together with GAIA members, lead regional/sub-regional CCE campaign and support national CCE campaigns.
  3. Build linkages, strengthen partnerships, and open opportunities for collaboration and support between members, affected communities, and stakeholders.
  4. Serve as regional focal person and support GAIA’s global work on climate policy.
  5. Work closely with GAIA-AP campaigners to design a cohesive campaign strategy where each campaign is supportive of the other campaigns.


  1. Track and consolidate global development, trends, project proposals, and players and discussions around incineration, energy, climate and waste issues, and how these affect the Asia Pacific region.
  2. Map, create linkages, and work with and among incineration, energy, and climate and waste technical experts and groups in the region.

Member Support and Networking

  1. Engage and provide technical, policy, and campaign support to members in the region, particularly those who are working on incineration, energy, and climate and waste.
  2. Engage and network with existing movements, civil society platforms, and communities in the region who are not yet members of GAIA but are working on incineration, energy, and climate and waste issues.
  3. Mobilize a team among GAIA members to support the regional CCE campaign.


  1. At least five years experience working as a campaigner in international NGOs designing, implementing, and leading campaigns.  Experience in environment policy formulation and technical know-how, and mobilizing communities and/or organizations a plus.
  2. At least five years experience in environment and justice-oriented organizations.
  3. Commitment and passion for environmental justice, grassroots social change, and in building relationships and collaboration with frontline communities, grassroots groups, and other organizations;
  4. Strategic thinker with demonstrated skills in analyzing political, environment, and social trends in the region, and developing campaigns that are multi-faceted and decentralized.
  5. Demonstrated experience in and knowledge of climate and energy policy campaigns.
  6. Excellent networking skills and proven track record in uniting diverse opinions, facilitating conflict resolution and working with teams and people from different cultures and nationalities around a common agenda and plan.
  7. Ability to simplify messages and communicate complex issues to the public.
  8. Ability to work in a multi-cultural, diverse environment.
  9. Highly computer literate and comfortable with new media technologies and extensive use of online communication (primarily e-mail, social media, Skype, Slack and other online tools).
  10. Fluent in English and in one or more regional language.
  11. Systematic and goal-oriented – in it to win it!

Location, Compensation and Work Environment:

The post is full-time, equivalent to 5 days a week.  This position is open to applicants in the Asia-Pacific region, preferably from the Philippines or Indonesia, who are willing to make an initial commitment of at least two years.  Willingness to travel with frequency is required.

We offer a competitive salary plus benefits, including health insurance, vacation, maternity/paternity leave, and other similar employment protection.  We take pride in our ability to support one another’s work in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, and look forward to introducing the successful candidate to our welcoming and highly motivated team and members.

Please send a brief cover letter, resume, salary requirements, at least 2 writing samples, and three to five references to with the subject line “Climate and Clean Energy ”.  Applications will be considered as received, with a priority deadline of September 6, 2019.


GAIA is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion or belief, physical ability, nationality, ethnicity, age, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or any other status protected by law.  People from historically marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.