GAIA Asia Pacific launches Business Unusual: Enterprises paving the way to Zero Waste

While the demand for sustainable, packaging-free stores keeps growing, corporations remain slow to respond. They are still focused on greenwashing–producing supposedly eco-friendlier packaging for their products which are mere PR stunts in disguise. 

Meanwhile, small enterprises, many of them start-ups, have been showing how present and future sustainable alternative product delivery systems look like. The existence of these enterprises–and their ability to thrive–is crucial for our calls for extended producer responsibility (EPR) and sustainable alternative product delivery systems. They serve as the concrete examples of the systems we are calling for. 

While they concretize our calls, these startups need support in growing their businesses, which big environmental organizations like GAIA can easily provide–by showcasing them in our publications and promoting them in our social media accounts. 

By featuring them, we hope more businesses will take the Zero Waste route, allowing us to heighten the pressure on corporations to move toward Zero Waste and on the government to enable an environment conducive to Zero Waste.

Business Unusual: Enterprises paving the way to Zero Waste highlights Zero Waste stores in the Asia Pacific region to showcase various sustainable product delivery systems and demonstrate that 1] Zero Waste stores (SUP-free packaging, refill, deposit/return systems) can be done and that 2] it is profitable.