GAIA AP in the time of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic while revealing the ugly truth about social structures and injustices has also revealed the kindness in many people’s hearts and the sense of community to extend help to those in need.  Once again we are reminded that we are not alone in this chaotic world and there are people ready to extend a helping hand.  That is the essence of a community, of an alliance. Allow us to share some of our members’ initiatives.  Our outmost respect to you for showing what true community is.
Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group

Chintan is raising funds to give COVID-19 kits to 5,000 families in Delhi, India.  The group is also calling for help to feed local waste collectors.  Learn how you can help, click: #COVIDmekabadi  I’m adding more text here to show Sonia : )

Diet Kantong Plastik

Diet Kantong Plastik in Jakarta Indonesia apart from sending a message of inspiration to keep our things clean and look after one another, shared tips on using reusables instead of single-use plastics during COVID-19. Learn more about them. 

Environmental Conservation Organization

ECOTON calls on the public to help ease the workload of the garbage collectors in Gresik, Indonesia by encouraging sorting of garbage at home, composting, and recycling. Learn more about them. 

EcoWaste Coalition

Ecowaste Coalition in the Philippines continues to issue public announcements related to COVID-19 and waste management, most recent is a guide on home composting. Learn more about them. 

Greeners Action

In Hong Kong, with the tough new measures aimed at enforcing social distancing and restricting number of dine-in customers in restaurants, some of which even suspend their evening market and allow only takeaway services amidst COVID-19, rise in the use of single-use plastics is expected.  Greeners Action calls on the public to opt for healthy home cooked meals but when takeaway is inevitable, for the public to bring reusable containers.  Check out their no plastic map:

Hasiru Dala

Hasiru Dala in Bengaluru India distributes Care Kits to 2,500 families across the city.  The kit contains 25 kg of rice (boiled or white), 5 kg of dal, 1 kg of sugar, 500 g of salt, chilli powder, groundnuts and jaggery, and 5 bars of soap.  Get more updates on their work or know how you can support them.

Health Care Without Harm – Southeast Asia

In a bid to address ways to deal with COVID-19 health care waste, HCWH-SEA is inviting the public to join the webinar, Do No Harm in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic.  Register here: The team is also calling for financial donations for PPEs procurement and financial assistance for the frontline health workers of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals members and partners in the Philippines.  Know how to donate.

Health Environment Climate Action Foundation (HECAF 360)

As early as February, HECAF 360 has been tapped by the Government of Nepal to design and implement a safe waste management system for the waste generated during the flight from Wuhan China while evacuating 175 Nepalese students from Wuhan.  The team is currently working on designing protocol for isolation and ICU wards.  Know more about HECAF.

Nexus 3 / Balifokus Foundation

Nexus/Balifokus Foundation initiated the collection of donations to provide PPEs for health workers in Denpasar Indonesia.  Know more about their work.

Pusat Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (PPLH) Bali

PPLH Bali in Indonesia plans to add PPEs to the gloves, masks, and soaps that will be distributed to waste workers.  Know how you can help, visit PPLH Bali.

Solid Management Round Table

SWMRT in Bengaluru India issued tips on Zero Waste, waste segreation, and general hygiene.  Know more about their work.

Sustainable Development Policy Institute

SDPI in Pakistan hosted an online discussion on learnings from China to combat COVID-19.  Learn more about SDPI.


SWaCH in Pune India is appealing for help to support 7,000 waste pickers with ration kit and PPEs kit.  Know more, visit SWaCH.


YPBB aims to provide PPEs and vitamins to waste pickers in villages in Bandung, Cimahi, and Bandung District in Indonesia.  Each package includes fabric mask, rubber gloves, liquid hand washing soap, hand sanitizer, 4 tubes vitamin C, and 2 tubes vitamin B6.  Click here to donate: The group also continues its call to the public to bring reusable bags when doing groceries and reminds public that latex gloves are only needed for medical purposes and not for general use.