Find out which companies are responsible for plastic pollution in Asia Pacific

Are you sick and tired of the constant beach clean-ups with no end to plastic pollution in sight? So are we. In time for World Environment Day, hosted in India this year, GAIA members across India, the Philippines and Indonesia are releasing the results from a new kind of clean-up called a brand audit, where we expose exactly which multi-national companies are responsible for the majority of plastic waste that ends up on our lands and beaches. By identifying who’s behind the waste that’s polluting our country and demanding change, we hope clean-ups will be a thing of the past.

Companies can’t keep making billions off of single-use packaging, and leave us to clean up their mess. It’s time for them to #breakfreefromplastic! So which brands are the biggest litterbugs in South Asia? See below to find out!

To highlight the pervasiveness of plastics and to ascertain responsibility for the proliferation of problematic packaging in the environment, waste and brand audits were conducted in 250 sites in 15 cities in 18 Indian states. In 21 days, 10 environmental groups in India picked up and analyzed 72,721 pieces of branded plastic from their land and waterways to find out who the top polluters are.