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"The overlapping crises of our time present an opportunity to build more resilient cities by implementing zero waste models.
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Media Fellowship on Climate – South and East Asia

Exclusive for media practitioners in South Asia and East Asia – get to know the facts on how our climate is changing and how we are currently dealing with the […]

SEA Biodiversity Media Bootcamp

Join our Southeast Asia Biodiversity Media Bootcamp where we bring together journalists, civil society organizations’ communications practitioners, and communications students to achieve the common good: communicating biodiversity conservation within the context […]

[COP27] Methane from the waste sector: opportunities and challenges to deliver the Global Methane Pledge –

Thutmose (150) Cairo, Egypt

The international community has recognized that reducing methane–a short-lived greenhouse gas over 80 times as potent as CO2– is critical to achieving the Paris Climate Agreement. At last year’s COP, over one hundred countries signed onto the Global Methane Pledge (GMP) to reduce global methane emissions at least 30 percent from 2020 levels by 2030. […]

COP27: Zeroing in on Waste | Exhibit & Events

The events are located within the official conference venue, any person wishing to access the side event area must be duly registered as part of a delegation of a Party or an observer organization and in possession of a conference badge. The link to access the virtual platform for badge-holders will be provided here as […]


[COP27] Zero Waste Hub

Blue Zone Exhibit Space 21 , Egypt

70% of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from making, taking, and wasting stuff, and 20% of methane emissions–a greenhouse gas 80 times as potent as C02–comes from landfills. At the Zero Waste Hub, hosted by Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), COP attendees can learn more about how zero waste strategies like reuse and repair, […]

[COP27] Press Conference | Waste Critical to Reaching 1.5 Degree Target: CIvil Society Responds to Africa Waste 50 Initiative

Press Conference Room Luxor/2 , Egypt

Waste management will be one of the critical topics tackled at COP27, where host nation Egypt plans to put forward the Africa Waste Initiative, an initiative hoping to catalyse both adaptation and mitigation solutions and  aiming at treating and recycling 50% of the waste produced in Africa by 2050. In this press conference, civil society […]

[COP27] Zero Waste Implementation as a Just and Equitable Approach to Climate Action

Sanafir Hotel

This cross-cutting session will showcase climate solutions and community interventions currently implemented in Africa. These are on the way to putting African countries on the path of decarbonising high-emitting sectors such as waste, oil and gas, cement, and transport. The panel will discuss key enablers to end the repressive behavior of national governments and the […]

[COP27] Zero Waste as Climate Justice: Frontline Solutions to Emissions from the Plastics & Petrochemical Sector

Climate Justice Pavillion , Egypt

Plastic pollutes the climate and perpetuates environmental injustices at every stage of its lifecycle. However, we can curb emissions by incorporating simple, effective, low-cost zero waste strategies. Our expert panelists organize on the frontlines of the plastics crisis and will discuss the opportunities and threats to a just transition to zero waste. This event is […]


[COP27] Methane Matters: Delivering on the Global Methane Pledge for ambitious methane mitigation

Chile Pavilion

Speakers will present which measures need to be taken by Global Methane Pledge signatories to ensure ambitious methane cuts & explore the need for diplomatic efforts to develop an int’l governance framework on methane mitigation.  Speakers Tim Grabiel, Senior Lawyer, Environmental Investigation Agency Nusa Urbancic, Campaigns Director, Changing Markets Mariel Vilella, Director of global climate […]

[COP27] Just Transition to Zero Waste Cities: A Key Strategy to Deliver the Paris Agreement

Khufu (300) Cairo, Egypt

GHG emissions in cities can be greatly reduced through just transition strategies toward circular and zero waste local economies. Panelists will reflect on how cities around the world are using zero waste strategies to reduce waste and emissions to meet their Paris Climate Agreement targets. The panel will underscore measures that support a just transition […]

[COP27] Panel: Waste Diversion and Segregation, a huge opportunity for methane mitigation, and a challenge for ambitious public policy and subnational implementation

Science for Climate Action Pavilion , Egypt

Methane emissions continue to rise, globally 18% of total emissions came from organic waste. According to the latest studies, we have a huge methane mitigation opportunity in the waste sector considering a goal of 35% of emissions reduction by 2030. Satellites can track methane emissions from landfills, so claims of low emissions or leaking need […]

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