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"The overlapping crises of our time present an opportunity to build more resilient cities by implementing zero waste models.
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Webinar: Creating effective systems for reuse

The ability to reuse products and materials sits right at the heart of the zero waste approach, as a basic prerequisite for a circular economy to flourish. To get reuse in the mainstream, a number of local and national systems must be both designed and enabled. This webinar will go into greater depth to answer […]

Webinar: Are we getting closer to a circular economy in Europe?

In 2020, the European Commission announced the framework for its second Circular Economy Action Plan. As a result, an ambitious framework for EU Member States to work within is developing, whilst neighbouring non-EU countries have also followed suit and introduced a number of their own measures. However, despite this recent legislative activity, it remains a […]

Plastic-Free July

As the world observes Plastic-Free July, we’ve gathered events happening in the region. Aliansi Zero Waste Indonesia (AZWI) AZWI lined up several online activities for this month: Sachet video Monthly-comics AZWI Talk Series of infographics Follow their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) Join the month-long social media campaign […]

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