Webinar: Creating effective systems for reuse

The ability to reuse products and materials sits right at the heart of the zero waste approach, as a basic prerequisite for a circular economy to flourish. To get reuse in the mainstream, a number of local and national systems must be both designed and enabled.

This webinar will go into greater depth to answer these key questions:

  • How can local authorities begin to design and implement reusable systems, for example for takeaway food containers, within their city?
  • How can reuse systems and practices become part of the mainstream and people’s everyday lives, rather than something only for environmentally conscious shoppers?
  • What are the policy drivers behind this change and how can they enable the spread of reuse?

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In 2020, the European Commission announced the framework for its second Circular Economy Action Plan. As a result, an ambitious framework for EU Member States to work within is developing, whilst neighbouring non-EU countries have also followed suit and introduced a number of their own measures. However, despite this recent legislative activity, it remains a question as to whether European economies are any closer to becoming circular and how we should specifically measure circularity.

This webinar will go into greater depth to answer these key questions:

  • Is a truly circular economy ever achievable? On our current trajectory, when could this be achieved in Europe?
  • What are the indicators and benchmarks used in Europe to measure progress towards a circular economy?
  • What are the policies and strategies that local municipalities should focus on implementing to help accelerate progress towards a circular economy? How can they best support national policy-creation and action towards this goal?

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SAVE THE DATE! Join us for another round of Learn by the nuggets: GAIA Asia Pacific webinar series

New Year’s Resolution – Compost: Learn different composting techniques for different settings

Jan. 27, 11:30 AM (Delhi)/2 PM (Manila)/1 PM (JKT)/ 4 PM (Sydney)


Do you have a lot of organic waste in your area but don’t know what to do with it?

Then this webinar is for you!

Join us as we share various ways to do composting that can be tailored to any situation! Yes – TO ANY SITUATION. Whether from your backyard or in a high-rise building, this webinar will convince you that composting is possible! This nugget will be moderated by Shibu Nair of GAIA Asia Pacific.

Scan the QR code or click https://tinyurl.com/learnbythenuggets to register.

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