The United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) opposes the incinerationof waste, including via gasification, pyrolysis and cement kilns. Incineration depresses recycling, destroys valuable resources, releases greenhouse gasses, and is a waste of money. Incineration has no place in the zero waste closed-loop circular economy we should be working towards. Founded in March 2007, UKWIN’s role is to help individuals and groups to develop the case against incineration, and in doing so support the UK-wide movement in favour of more sustainable waste management.
To expose the truth about Deaths Brought Forward, hi-carbon, wrongly named ‘renewable’ energies, which always involve burning, the production of dioxin-contaminated ash and cost more than reduction, reuse and recycling.
Fomentamos un cambio local y global hacia una sociedad respetuosa con el medio ambiente, justa y solidaria.
Actuamos por la protección del medio ambiente en la Comunidad de Madrid en general y en la zona sureste en particular.
Collectif 3R (Réduire, Réutiliser, Recycler) campaigns for zero waste solutions as an alternative to incineration, landfill, and MBT. Our aim objective is to fight against the reconstruction of the Ivry-Paris XIII incinerator in Paris.
Zero Waste France is a french environmental NGO created in 1997 whose purpose is to promote zero waste strategies as an alternative to polluting treatments (incineration, landfill,..) and resource depletion. Its core missions involve advocating for sustainable waste policy and legislation, empowering and supporting local communities (grassroots movements, municipalities, businesses) and raising awareness amongst the general public.
The HuMuSz – Waste Reduction Alliance is a coalition of 17 public benefit non-profit and non-governmental organisations of Hungary since 1995.   Humusz advocates for Waste prevention, reduce-reuse-recycle, ethical and sustainable consumption and production, composting, green offices, fight illegal waste dumping, step up against incineration and end-of-pipe approaches.   Humusz works through awareness raising, advisory services, from expert opinions, watchdog actions and  lobbying through media work and workshops till street demonstrations
Rete Nazionale Rifiuti Zero advocates for the implementation of Zero Waste strategies and fight environmental Justice in Italy, Europe by strengthening efforts on “best practices” approach.
El Instituto Sindical de Trabajo, Ambiente y Salud (ISTAS) es una fundación autónoma de carácter técnico-sindical promovida por Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO.) con el objetivo general de impulsar actividades de progreso social para la mejora de las condiciones de trabajo, la protección del medio ambiente y la promoción de la salud de los trabajadores y trabajadoras en el ámbito del Estado Español.
Green Action is a leading non-governmental organization for environmental protection in Croatia. Its activist approach in solving environmental problems enables its staff and volunteers to effectively deal with challenging and often, serious issues. Among several other topics Zelena akcija is working on field of resource management planing and contributing to Zagreb anti-incinerator campaign.
Both ENDS strives for a more sustainable and fairer world by supporting organisations in developing countries to fight poverty and to work towards sustainable environmental management. They know what the problems are like no other and can often come up with different solutions that would work in the real world.
Aksjon Steng Giftfabrikken is working to shut down one of the two incinerators in Oslo.The challenge is to raise awareness on the health and environmental impacts of waste incineration as residents find the facilities environmental as well as provides heat for the city.
CAT Scotland helps support community groups to fight against unsustainable waste developments and toxic pollution (including chemicals and nanotechnology)in Scotland. We support zero waste and safer chemicals. Currently we are working with groups in Dunbar, Greengaires and the ScottishHighlands where there are incinerator developments taking place.We work within Scotland but we also get involved in campaigns south of the border and hope to increase NGO involvement in European issues affecting Scotland in our primary areas of concern.
Ecologistas en Acción has been fighting against waste incineration since its creation, in 1998.
CHAIN is fighting against proposals to site up to four mass burn incinerators in Cheshire. Despite producing some of the best recycling rates in the UK the residents of Cheshire stand to be swamped with rubbish imported from across the North West of England and perhaps further.
Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland campaigns for solutions to environmental problems.
Stop De Oven (Stop the Incinerator) is a pressure group fighting against the plans for a waste incinerator in Kampenhout, Belgium, and for a sustainable waste policy.
We are an independent organisation of volunteers, and try to engage as many people as possible to support our goals.
As such, we have become the largest ant-incineration pressure group in the Benelux (Belgium – The Netherlands – Luxembourg).

CHASE (Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment)

CHASE is a campaigning group based in Cork, Ireland, that has been fighting the construction of a large hazardous and municipal waste incinerator on the shores of Cork Harbour for 16 years now. CHASE is an umbrella group and represents several local groups and organisations from the wider Cork area.
CHASE is a completely voluntary organisation and has engaged in multiple Oral Hearings, High Court Cases, affected the implementation of EU legislation, and campaigned to raise awareness about the dangers of incineration and the alternative solutions locally and nationally.
Ekologi brez meja believe in a world without waste. Our mission is activation, motivation and cooperation of individuals, communities, policy makers, industry, businesses and researchers in the area of an efficient use of natural resources with the aim to reduce costs, preserve energy and create new green jobs. We educate and build opportunities for waste prevention, separate collection, recycling and composting of materials in waste.
Za Zemiata is committed to: Suggesting and developing positive and sustainable alternatives to socially and environmentally harmful activities and projects; Actively involving in civil society building and raising awareness among the grassroots about existing environmental problems and ways to counteract; Networking and co-operation between local and international non-governmental groups.
NGO “Žiedinė ekonomika” is working towards establishing a circular economy foundations in Lithuania, which would allow balanced human and nature existence.


At the end of 2015, ZERO is born out of the common interest of about one hundred people in achieving sustainable development in Portugal. Our DNA demonstrates the ambition to intervene in Portuguese society through a proactive participation in the defense of sustainability values, because we understand that only through the balance between environment, society and economy will it be possible to build a more cohesive, social and economic world, in full respect for the natural limits of the planet. ZERO’s intervention is based on solid ideas and a permanent dialogue with the different key players to achieve goals such as: ZERO fossil fuels, ZERO pollution, ZERO wasted resources, ZERO destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity, and ZERO social and economic inequality.