GAIA’s strength lies in our membership. Through our network, we cultivate connections that are essential to movement building and that enhance our collective impact and power. Our members include grassroots groups, non-profit organizations, and alliances of groups working at the intersection of environmental protection, sustainable development, and human rights

Member Benefits

Capacity Building
Technical Support

Our global network connects you to like-minded organizers and allies, whose collective intelligence powers our community and gives you access to critical tools, stakeholders, zero waste knowledge, and campaign and funding support.

GAIA members can be grassroots groups, nonprofit organizations, or alliances of groups working actively on waste issues. As a general rule GAIA does not accept groups with clear conflicts of interests, such as political organizations or businesses. However, social enterprises whose work are aligned with GAIA’s mission and vision, promote initiatives that benefit their communities, and embody the principles of social and environmental justice in their operations may be allowed for membership. This may include worker-led organizations, livelihood collectives, and worker-owned cooperatives. We particularly value the participation of wastepicker/recycling/composting collectives or unions.


To catalyze a global shift towards environmental justice by strengthening grassroots social movements that advance solutions to waste and pollution.

We envision a just, zero waste world built on respect for ecological limits and community rights, where people are free from the burden of toxic pollution, and resources are sustainably conserved, not burned or dumped.


  • Make time & space to share & discuss our work & perspectives with each other globally
  • Collaborate across borders on common issues & campaigns
  • Build each other’s capacity through exchange
  • Strengthen each others’ leadership & participation

In regions around the world, GAIA members are working together for a just and waste-free world

Discover our global community


GAIA’s strength lies in our members, who stand with communities and work together in solidarity, collaboration, and commitment to environmental justice. Join this community!

“If GAIA were an animal it would be a Buffalo because Buffalos are strong individually, but they are immensely powerful when they come together”
Headshot of middle age man looking at camera and smiling. He is wearing a black t-shirt, black frame glasses.
Bobby Peek, South Africa
“GAIA general meetings are always very playful, with lots of fun ways to work, social moments, icebreakers and interactions. GAIA makes you feel like you are one big family.”
Huub Scheele, Netherlands
“I am impressed that GAIA sees waste as a systemic issue and knows that people power and organizing, rather than some fancy new techno fix, will help us win.”
Annie Leonard, United States
“Groups that join GAIA receive support, the best arguments, and latest information on the issues that they are fighting, plus documents to create alternative proposals”.
Verónica Odriozola, Argentina

Members Across the World

While the problems of our time seem ever greater, the solutions are happening locally, through the determination of community leaders working together in solidarity accross borders.