GAIA member projects—from composting cooperatives to struggles against polluting facilities to advocacy for product redesign or strong regional climate commitments—are as diverse as our membership.

The core work of our coordination team falls into three broad categories: supporting community struggles against waste and pollution, building local capacity for just and healthy zero waste systems, and coordinating cross-border policy campaigns.

Our team provides support that builds movement capacity and responds to the particular needs and organizing efforts of local members. We focus support and technical assistance where it is urgently needed—by responding to requests for information, providing expert contacts (scientific, medical, legal, etc.) and aiding with technical reviews or submitting formal comments in permitting/regulatory processes. We provide strategic coaching or ongoing accompaniment (sometimes for months or even years) as a struggle or project advances. As new trends or issues come to our attention, we also undertake research to be able to provide accurate information and useful analysis to members. Where resources permit, we convene members working on similar challenges to develop shared strategy and deepen networks of peer support. We also help convene skillshares and trainings that leverage the expertise and knowledge of our members and allies and ensure that it is widely shared.

To do this work, we sustain a member infrastructure—including diverse email discussion lists and an online library of resources—that allows members to provide moral and practical support to one another. We make a particular effort to build relationships between members who are facing similar challenges. If you are part of a community looking for support, please get in touch with us!