Action Alerts

CDM: Take Action!
In the UN climate talks, we have worked to engage national delegates to address the CDM Executive Board through this letter. This may be a useful tool for your campaigning, at national and international level. Just adapt it as you wish!
ACT: Stand up for Greenpeace India. Speak for Freedom.
GAIA stands with Greenpeace India for free speech.
November 8th - Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration and for Zero Waste Alternatives!
GAIA invites you to join our 13th Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration and for Zero Waste Alternatives on November 8, 2013.
8 de noviembre 2013 Día de Acción Global contra la Incineración y por Alternativas de Basura Cero
La Alianza Global para Alternativas a la Incineración / Alianza Global contra la Incineración (GAIA) desea invitar a miembros y grupos aliados a unirse a nuestro 13 º Día de Acción Global contra la Incineración de Residuos y por las Alternativas de Basura Cero el próximo 8 de noviembre de 2013.
Catadores pedem “Nao a Incineracao” e defendem a Coleta Seletiva
O Debate Publico realizado pela Comissao de Participavcao Popular, dia 6, podera alterar a proposta de Parceria Público Privada (PPP) para a gestao dos residuos solidos na Regiao Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte (RMBH). Secretaria de Estado de Gestao Metropolitana se comprometeu a defender que o Edital de Licitacao traga explicita a proibicao da Incineracao como destinacao final dos residuos, bem como sejam elevadas as metas de coleta seletiva previstas para os municipios – e que comecam de apenas 1%. Outra conquista foi de que sera apresentado Projeto de Lei proibindo a incineracao como destinacao final de residuos solidos em toda Minas Gerais.
Recycling in Europe is in danger. Excessive incineration capacity in some countries is causing that recyclable waste ends up being burned and that some other increase their waste shipments losing incentives to recycle.
Support Brazil's anti-incineration manifesto!
Brazil is threatened by a brutal offensive of incineration projects in different parts of the country, an offensive which blatantly violates the spirit of the recently approved General Waste Management Law. In response, the National Coalition Against Waste and Incineration has been formed, uniting social organizations and recyclers throughout the country. Please support the Coalition by signing their Manifesto.
Apoie o Manifesto Anti-incineração no Brasil! (portugués)
O Brasil está ameaçado por uma brutal ofensiva de projetos de incineração em todo o país que praticamente destruiu o espírito da Lei de Resíduos Sólidos recentemente aprovada. A comunidade reagiu e formou a Coalizão Nacional contra a incineração de resíduos no Brasil. Convidamos você a aderir ao manifesto da Coalizão.
¡Apoya el Manifiesto Anti incineración de Brasil! (español)
Brasil se encuentra amenazado por una brutal ofensiva de proyectos de incineración en distintos puntos del país, que virtualmente destruyen el espíritu de la Ley General de Residuos recientemente aprobada. La comunidad reaccionó y formó la Coalición Nacional Contra la Incineración de Residuos de Brasil. Les invitamos a adherir a su Manifiesto.
ACT: Invergordon Residents Demand a Public Inquiry for Incinerator
For over two years the community in and around Invergordon and other areas pulled together to fight a proposed Incinerator for our town. We the community did win, but the decision was over turned at appeal by the Reporter Mr Danny Onn.
ACT: Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland
We request you to sign the petition issued by Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland (GAINS) to call the Scottish government to opt for greener solutions over waste incineration.
Support movement of local organizations against ECOLTEC (Holcim-Apasco)in Mexico
(August 16th)Your help is needed in gathering support and strengthening the movement of local organizations against ECOLTEC, a subsidiary of the swiss multinational HOLCIM, in the community of Apaxco-Atotonilco, in Mexico state (also in spanish).
EPA To Hold Three Public Hearings on Rules Cutting Toxic Emissions from Boilers, Solid Waste Incinerators
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold three public hearings in June on proposals cutting mercury emissions in half and significantly reducing other toxic air pollutants from industrial and institutional boilers, process heaters and solid waste incinerators. The public may preregister to speak at the hearings at a specific time. People also may register in person on the day of the hearing, but may not be given a specific time slot to speak
Join the Garbage Dreams tour, take action and spread the word!
GAIA partners with Working Films to create a new widget, a social networking tool to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and zero waste!
BE A VOICE: Should the U.S. Burn or Bury Its Trash?
The NY Times has followed up Elisabeth Rosenthal's pro-incinerator industry article, with a public debate on their online Opinion Page: Should the U.S. Burn or Bury Its Trash? Why is Europe ahead of the U.S. in embracing clean incinerators that turn garbage into energy? Have your say. Now!
EU/IPPC: Control of Emissions from Incinerators should Increase, Not Decrease
Take Action: Warn Members of the European Parliament about the dangerous IPPC vote of April 7th.
ACT: Incinerator Threatens Health and Credibility of Food Industry in Parma
Parma is known all over the world for its Parmesan Cheese, Parma ham, wine and pasta but the local authorities are threatening to build an incinerator a stone's throw from the city centre. This will not only jeopardise recycling, composting and the health of the citizens, but also the credibility and safety of Parma's food industry, the main pillar of the local economy. Please put pressure on the administrators and food producers so that they demand the authorities stop this project and go for a sustainable solution.
ACT NOW! Protect the Climate through Recycling!
Please sign this open letter to be delivered to climate negotiators in Copenhagen. The new climate treaty must support efforts to increase recycling through the informal sector, instead of funding incinerators and landfill gas systems.
Ban the Burn in Scotland
Sign up Petition. Ban the Burn in Scotland
Stop RDF Plant and Dumping in Perungudi Landfill, Chennai
Support our call to ask the High Court of Madras to direct the Chennai Municipal Corporation to opt for Zero Waste systems to address the current dumping at the Pallikaranai Marsh.
ACT/USA: Keep incinerators and other waste technologies out of the U.S. Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)
The incinerator industry is pushing hard to have municipal solid waste incineration added to the renewable standard in the Waxman-Markey climate bill and in the Senate's renewable energy standard.
ACT/EU: Push your Ministers to Support a Biowaste Directive
The negotiations about the potential new bio-waste directive are facing serious difficulties and we really risk not having a bio-waste directive at all. As you know most of biowaste in the EU is either landfilled or incinerated and the since the landfill directive is getting bio-waste out of landfills without saying where it should go, the reality is that it will end up in incinerators instead of being composted. Therefore we need to act to put pressure on the environment ministries to ask the European Commission to prepare a bio-waste directive.

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