Latin American Recyclers: "We are key players for the solution to the problem of waste"

Latin America, September 2011. The Network of Recyclers, Red Sealing Wax, is a representative and inclusive organization of labor movements that group Recyclers 15 countries in the region. As organized base Recyclers, adhere to the Global Day of Action Against Waste Incineration and, and alerted the authorities of our countries for damages associated with the implementation and prioritization of projects incineration and landfills.

"We consider it necessary to favor the proposed solutions based recyclers, key players in sustainable solutions to the problem of waste, and who mostly collect and separate waste in Latin America," said Exequiel Estay, Communications Manager the Web

The Latin American Network is fully aware of the importance of redirecting funds and subsidies that are now used to finance the issue of waste management. How to achieve this? D progress in promoting recycling, composting, biogas, zero waste and producer responsibility, as real solutions and alternatives to burning and burial of waste. We are aware that they must stop public subsidies for waste incineration and landfill, and ensure that funds national and global climate (including the new Green Climate Fund) promote the inclusion of waste pickers work in Latin America.

To discuss this and other matters, the Latin American Network will be present through various events that take place in our continent, which highlights the activities organized by the National Movement of Recyclable Materials Taster Brazil in the Solid Waste Seminar: Alternatives sustainable, to be held this September 30 in San Bernardo de Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil to celebrate the Global Day of Action.

We call on the authorities in Latin America to focus the discourse on sustainable solutions, promoting a clean and exacerbated consumption reduction, including recycling the major players in our region-based recyclers.

What is the Latin American Recyclers? Composed of 15 countries, the Network's mission is to improve the working conditions based recyclers and promote dialogue between countries to exchange experiences, design and execute actions. The Network is also part of the Global Alliance for Recycling and Allies, bringing together Latin American Recyclers, Asia and Africa with support organizations and environmentalists to offer real solutions to climate change mitigation and integrated waste management.



Exequiel Estay, Ministry of Communications and Chairman of the Movement RedLacre National Recyclers Chile, secretariageneralmnrch(at)

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