Bans on all Polystyrene Food-Ware

  1. City of Del Rey Oaks
  2. City of Laguna Beach
  3. City of Monterey
  4. City of Richmond
  5. City of San Bruno
  6. City of Santa Monica
  7. City of West Hollywood

Bans on Expanded Polystyrene Food-Ware

  1. City of Alameda
  2. City of Berkeley
  3. City of Calabasas
  4. City of Capitola
  5. City of Carmel
  6. City of Emeryville
  7. City of Fairfax
  8. City of Hercules
  9. City of Laguna Beach
  10. City of Malibu
  11. County of Marin
  12. City of Newport Beach
  13. City of Oakland
  14. City of Pacific Grove
  15. City of Pacifica
  16. City of Palo Alto
  17. City and County of San Francisco
  18. City of Santa Cruz
  19. County of Santa Cruz
  20. City of Scotts Valley

Partial Bans (usually prohibits city purchasing, or use by city vendors, contractors, or at city sponsored events)

  1. City of Alisio Vejo
  2. City of Huntington Beach
  3. City of Laguna Woods
  4. City of Laguna Hills
  5. City of Los Angeles
  6. County of Orange
  7. City of Pittsburg
  8. City of San Clemente
  9. County of San Mateo
  10. City of San Juan Capistrano
  11. City of San Jose
  12. County of Sonoma
  13. County of Ventura


    • City of Fremont
    • City of Arcata
    • City of Milpitas
    • City of El Cerrito
    • City of San Pablo
    • City of San Jose
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • New York City


Bans on all Polystyrene Food-Ware

  1. Rahway, New Jersey
  2. St. Paul, Minnesota

Bans on EPS Food-Ware

  1. Issaquah, Washington
  2. Seattle, Washington
  3. Portland, Oregon
  4. Freeport, Maine
  5. Westchester, NY

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