Dear friends of GAIA in the U.S. and around the world,

As many of you awoke to the news that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, we’re sure you were in shock. We were too. Today we affirm GAIA’s commitment to unity, equity, and justice in the face of the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia that was emboldened during this election.

We recognize that a Trump presidency will worsen domestic and international climate policy and foreign policy of the United States, and thus increase the threats to people and the planet worldwide. He has vowed to block the U.S. Clean Power Plan and exit the Paris Climate Agreement, and build the destructive fossil fuel infrastructure projects that many have been fighting and defeating in recent years.

Within this diverse country, movements are regrouping for the challenges ahead, and reaching out to our brothers and sisters in other countries to gather strength for the transformation we will need.

100 women of color leaders came together today pledging to take action, recognizing that “…women’s hands have always been the strongest grip bending the arc of history towards justice…Today, we recommit to take hold of that arc of history.” We stand in support and solidarity with people of color, women, immigrants, Muslims, and people of all faiths and origins who have been targeted during this election cycle and pledge to organize and continue to fight for equity and justice in this country.

We are so grateful to be in a network with all of you, who have proven to us over and over again the power of the grassroots to transform our communities and places for the better – from protecting our children from polluting facilities to defending worker rights to creating just and inclusive zero waste economies. The global change we need will be achieved through this deep and local progress, and we are committed to building this new future together.

As we learn more in the coming months we will work with many of you to strategize, and will be sure to inform you of any developments.

In solidarity,

The GAIA US Team
Christie Keith, Ahmina Maxey, Antonia Bruno, Monica Wilson, Brian Feraru


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