Innviron suffered the fourth and final defeat in Cordoba province (Argentina)

Innviron suffered the fourth and final defeat in Cordoba province. We lacked time for describing all the long and successful process of fighting. Now this is the right time for acknowledging all those that contributed to such success.

The first defeated project was the Cordoba initiative (80 MW gasification facility). Such defeat was the result of huge popular mobilization in Toledo town and the blockade organized by neighbors of Ituzaingo Anexo and other organizations in the main access to Cordoba (Ruta 9). Journalists like Diego Marconetti and Edgardo Litvinoff contributed from the newspaper La Voz del Interior with precise reports which denounced technical and economical weaknesses of Innviron. FUNAM in the field and the Coalition plus Greenpeace accompanied the Ituzaingo Anexo process.

The second defeated project was the Bouwer initiative (30 MW gasification facility). Such defeat was the result of the joint work of the Municipality of Bouwer, the neighbors of Bouwer ("Bouwer sin basura") and FUNAM. Innviron never arrived to Bouwer. Take in account that the Municipality, neighbors and FUNAM were successful in closing the Potrero del Estado landfill after 2 years of strong battle (1 April 2010). Innviron planned to establish such (failed) gasification facility in the closed landfill (>12 million tones of municipal waste deposited during 28 years). .

The third defeated project was the Rio Cuarto initiative (20 MW gasification facility, 60 million U$S investment). Innviron meet the mayor and offered a benefit of 18 million pesos/year (near 4,5 U$S dollars). Such defeat was the result of all previous defeats, which were covered by Puntal newspaper and information provided to the Mayor of Rio Cuarto by several NGOs and the Coalition.

The fourth and final defeat involves the Villa Maria project, Innviron's smaller local initiative (10 MW gasification facility). In December 2010 the Secretary of the Environment (Provincial Government of Cordoba) rejected the project (Resolution 1467). This was the first end of Innviron en Villa Maria city. In June 2012 Jorge Franco (vice-president of Innviron) announced in London (UK) the signature of a final agreement between Innviron and the Municipality of Villa Maria. At the time municipal authorities denied such signature. The UTE Innviron & Medio Ambiente were responsible of the management of the landfill since 2 years ago. After disastrous management of the landfill, the Municipality of Villa Maria and the UTE Innviron-Medio Ambiente agreed to end the contract (since the 1st December 2012). Luis Tuninetti from Ecositio contributed to publicly clarify Innviron facts: "they were even unsuccessful for the management of a simple landfill" (June 2012). Innviron lost both an existent contract (the co management of the landfill) and the never authorized project of 10 MW. The work of Ecositio was essential in the final defeat of Innviron in Villa Maria city.

End of Innviron in Cordoba. End of his Waste-to-Energy projects.

You can see technical details of these four rejected projects in the Web page of Innviron (IGT Energy).

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