Ahmina Maxey is GAIA’s U.S. and Canada Regional Coordinator. Prior to this she was the Community Outreach Coordinator of the Zero Waste Detroit coalition where she successfully advocated for curbside recycling and materials recovery, and organized to close down the Detroit incinerator, one of the largest waste burners in the U.S. Ahmina was also Associate Director at the East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC).

Anne Larracas is GAIA’s Asia Pacific Associate Director. She first joined GAIA in 2006.  Prior to this, Anne used to work on biodiversity and conservation issues, and also as an elementary teacher for street children.  Anne is based in GAIA’s office in Quezon City, Philippines.

Antonia Bruno is a Communications and Network Development Coordinator at GAIA. Prior to this she worked with the Citizen Engagement Lab, the Story of Stuff Project, and Democracy Matters.  She is the co-author of a children’s book series about taking action on climate change, Josie Goes Green. Antonia is based in GAIA’s Berkeley office.

Brian Feraru is the Admin and Special Projects Coordinator for the U.S. region.  He has been working for eight years in the non-profit sector, most recently for Californians for Justice and Clean Water Action.  He holds degrees in Psychology and Environmental Studies.

Chris Flood is the Development and Resource Mobilization Manager for GAIA’s U.S. office. Chris joined the environmental justice movement over twenty years ago, when he worked with Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living (CRCQL) to combat one of the most egregious examples of environmental racism in the country. Since then, he has worked at a variety of nonprofits on issues ranging from education to the environment.

Christie Keith is GAIA’s International Coordinator and the Executive Director of our U.S. office. She joined GAIA in 2005, and has 25 years of experience with social movements and international non-profit organizations. She began her work in Guatemala as a popular educator, program coordinator, and strategic planning facilitator for groups in the women’s movement and Mayan-campesino organizing community, as well as in international human rights. For the last 15 years Christie has worked from the U.S. on international waste, public health, and environmental justice issues.

Claire Arkin is the Campaign and Communications Associate at GAIA with a special focus on plastic pollution. She has previously worked as an organizer for the Colorado Democratic Party, the online farmers market Farmigo, and the New York City Department of Education. Claire became involved in the environmental justice movement through co-organizing the Food Justice Contingent of the 2014 People’s Climate March in New York City. She is based out of our Berkeley, U.S.A. office.

Dharmesh Shah works as a policy advisor to GAIA’s waste, toxics and marine litter campaign. His research areas include waste management, circular economy, industrial pollution and environmental justice.

Froilan Grate is GAIA’s Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator and Executive Director of GAIA Philippines. Froilan is a committed environmental justice campaigner who has assisted more than 20 cities/municipalities in the Philippines in developing and improving waste management programs and systems. He has extensive experience in module development and training and legislative work, providing support to legislators at the local government level, especially in areas of policy review.

Magdalena Donoso is the Coordinator for GAIA Latin America and the Caribbean. She has worked in communications and networking with several Chilean NGOs and in Television Trust for the Environment (UK), supporting educational and activism programs in forestry and biodiversity for 15 years. For the last ten years she has worked on waste issues with cities in Latin America, particularly defending the rights of recyclers and promoting zero waste. She is based in Concepción, Chile.

Monica Wilson is GAIA’s Policy and Research Coordinator and the Associate Director of our U.S. office. She has worked with GAIA since 2002, and served five years as GAIA’s International Co-Coordinator. Monica serves on the board of the Grassroots Recycling Network, was previously on the board of the Northern California Recycling Association, and is a master composter. In 2012 she was honored to be named by the California Resource Recovery Association as “Recycler of the Year” together with GAIA’s US & Canada Program, for achievement in the field. Monica is based in GAIA’s Berkeley, U.S. office.

Pratibha Sharma is GAIA’s India coordinator. She has worked on issues of environmental justice, waste, labor issues, and gender equality. She also worked closely with SWaCH, a collective of self-employed waste pickers that provides waste collection and management services.

Rhoda David is the Operations and Finance Coordinator for Asia-Pacific and handles administration and finance matters. She holds a degree in business administration with a major in accounting. She has over 30 years of experience in the fields of human resource, administration and finance, and has worked with various NGOs working on issues related to family development and youth organizing, urban poor housing and agriculture. Rhoda is based in GAIA’s office in Quezon City.

Sherma Benosa is the Communications Officer for GAIA Asia Pacific. Prior to joining GAIA in November 2016, she worked for Philippine based non-government organizations working on agriculture and health. She also worked as managing editor of a health magazine and has written feature stories on arts, culture, health, and business for various publications. A fictionist writing mostly in the vein of social realism, she uses storytelling to add her voice to the call for social justice and equity and to delve on issues that are often overlooked in discourses.

Veronica Michelle Moreno is the Researcher and Administrative Assistant for GAIA Asia Pacific. After graduating AB in Sociology, she joined GAIA in January 2017. Through her degree, she has cultivated her interest in research and praxis particularly in community development. Veronica is based in GAIA’s office in Quezon City, Philippines.

In addition, GAIA’s branch in Europe (Zero Waste Europe) benefits from the following coordinators:

Delphine Lévi Alvarès is a Policy Officer with Zero Waste Europe. joined Zero Waste Europe in April 2016, moving to Brussels after having lived in Paris. For the past 2 years she has been the Senior Advocacy Officer of Zero Waste France, promoting zero waste strategies and achievements in the French political arena and participating in the improvement of French waste policy. She started her career at Cniid in 2010 as a Campaigner on Incineration and Landfill, and played a key role in the transition of Cniid to Zero Waste France in early 2014. Delphine holds a a masters degree in European Policy and Sustainable Development engineering.

Esra Tat is a Network Development Coordinator for Zero Waste Europe and the European Break Free From Plastic Movement. Previously, with a background on project management and environment, Esra co-directed a social enterprise promoting energy efficiency and co-housing programs in France. She spent 6 years as a development coordinator in this field, working with policy makers and the general public. Over the last 3 years, she’s worked as a sustainability project manager and a facilitator, mostly with international networks. She has developed an expertise on network development, with a specific approach of open governance and collective intelligence. Esra holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management.


Ferran Rosa is Zero Waste Europe’s Policy Director. He joined the team in May 2015 after several months of collaboration with Zero Waste Europe. He has previously worked for the European Commission, supporting the design of policy alternatives to current waste-related legislation, for the Green European Foundation, spreading the main ecologist ideas and proposals at the European level and for GOB Mallorca on sustainable use of land and natural resources. Ferran holds a Master in European Studies from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Janek Vähk is Zero Waste Europe’s Development and Policy Coordinator. He joined Zero Waste Europe in August 2015. As Development and Policy Coordinator, he manages the relationship with Zero Waste Europe’s funders and supports climate policy advocacy work towards EU institutions. Previously, he worked for the Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) in Brussels where he coordinated fundraising efforts on behalf of FoEE and its 6 programmes. Prior to the FoEE, Janek worked for the Justice and Environment (J&E) where he provided leadership for the development of strategic grant partnerships. He holds an Msc in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Central European University and Postgraduate degree in Charity Marketing and Fundraising from Cass Business School. Janek has worked in Spain and Guatemala and speaks fluent Spanish.

Joan Marc Simon is based in Brussels where he coordinates the work of Zero Waste Europe. He has been a leading voice for Zero Waste in Europe since 2007, dramatically increasing the visibility and policy impact of Zero Waste efforts in this time. He is a regular keynote speaker in many industry and NGO meetings in Brussels but also at local level as well as internationally. In 2015 he published the book “Zero Waste – How to reactivate the economy without trashing the planet.”

Mariel Vilella is the Managing Director of our regional branch Zero Waste Europe and leads the Climate, Energy & Air Pollution programme.  Based in Manchester, UK, Mariel assists with the management and the coordination of the network activities in collaboration with GAIA members worldwide that are promoting zero waste policies and practices with special emphasis on the participation and inclusion of waste workers and communities. She leads the Zero Waste Europe’s work on zero waste project guidelines for major sources of climate finance, and international energy policy with impacts on the waste sector.

Matt Franklin is the Communications Coordinator for Zero Waste Europe. Matt joined Zero Waste Europe in July 2015, moving to Manchester, UK after living in Bologna, Italy, and working as a freelance campaign communications consultant. Before Bologna he worked for People & Planet as a Corporate Power Campaigns Co-ordinator, supporting UK student groups campaigning around workers’ rights in the garments and electronics industries. He has been long been involved in grassroots social movements, and campaigns for social and environmental justice. Matt graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Anthropology and Classical Literature & Civilisations.

Pawel Gluszynski is an Associate Campaigner with Zero Waste Europe. He joined Zero Waste Europe in September 2015. As Associate Campaigner he supports international processes, as well as implementation of Zero Waste approach in his home country Poland. Pawel has over 25 years experience helping local communities in their efforts to reduce waste at source and manage it without compromising health and the environment. For several years he chaired a Polish Waste Prevention Association but was also involved in Greenpeace International’s Toxic Trade, and Clean Production Campaign in CEE region, GAIA, and HCWH-E for which he co-ordinated a working group. During last 7 years, he worked as an expert for international agencies (EC, UNDP, WB, MDTF) in development of projects on healthcare waste in Europe, Africa, Asia, and an Caribbean Island. He holds an Msc in Social Sciences from Pedagogical University of Krakow.

Stanislas Roisin is the Operations Manager for Zero Waste Europe Joining the Brussels office in May 2016, Stanislas, originally from France has been living in Belgium for the past 10 years, and has worked for a number of different non-profit organisations including Service Civil International, Fern and Equinet. He holds a Masters degree in Finance and a certificate of accounting. He speaks English, French, Dutch and Japanese (having spent 2 years living in Japan). In his spare time he likes to play flamenco guitar.