We welcome any public interest organization or individual who subscribes to our mission.

Members of GAIA are diverse and may have divergent views on other issues, but we are united in our work to end waste incineration, which may include the burning of waste in mass burn incinerators, cement kilns, and waste-to-energy facilities (pyrolysis, gasification, and plasma arc) and promote solutions. GAIA members may not use their membership to further commercial interests.

Our mission is below. If you are committed to this mission and wish to join GAIA, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to apply.

GAIA’s Mission:

GAIA is a worldwide alliance of grassroots organizations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals who recognize that our planet’s finite resources, fragile biosphere and the health of people and other living beings are endangered by polluting and inefficient production practices and health-threatening disposal methods.

We oppose incinerators, landfills, and other end-of-pipe interventions.

Our ultimate vision is a just, toxic-free world without incineration. Our goal is clean production and the creation of a closed-loop, materials-efficient economy where all products are reused, repaired or recycled back into the marketplace or nature.

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