Job Purpose:

The main purpose of the job is to advance GAIA’s goals and campaigns for zero waste and against incineration by helping develop and implement its program and strategies in Asia Pacific as part of the regional team, and serving as focal point for supporting and linking work in the regional office home base (Philippines).

GAIA’s work is highly collaborative, and thus this job purpose is expected to be pursued with a high degree also of consultation and coordination with other GAIA staff particularly those in the Asia Pacific team, and GAIA members and partners.


  1. The post forms part of and works with the Asia-Pacific team in defining, developing and implementing Asia-Pacific
    programs and campaigns.
  2. Coordinates with teams/team members in the region and other parts of the world to perform its responsibilities.
  3. The Regional/Asia-Pacific Program Officer reports to the Asia-Pacific co-coordinators.


1. As part of the regional team, participate actively in developing and implementing the Asia Pacific program, inclusive of supporting and coordinating campaigns relevant to GAIA’s goals and strategies, and providing support services as may be needed by members and partners in the region.

2. Lead in defining development and implementation of GAIA’s work in the regional home base (Philippines).

3. Lead the maintenance and development of support work for the cluster of developed countries in South East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor).

4. Support the development and implementation of a regional communications strategy, capacity building program, and other services for members and partners in the region.

5. Assist the regional coordinators as may be required in implementing regional strategies and coordinating and supporting members and partners in the region.


Specific tasks under above responsibilities, relative
to the current and emerging program:


  • Active participation in
    developing the Asia Pacific program particularly on Zero Waste, with an
    emphasis on supporting the Asian strategy implementation of GAIA’s
    commitments to the global plastics alignment process.
  • Support regional team
    members by providing relevant background information and analysis in
    developing regional strategies in their specific geographical/issue


  • Develop analysis of zero
    waste and anti-incineration issues in the Philippines and of GAIA work
    and members’ campaigns, and lead in defining and implementing GAIA strategies
    on them.
  • Maintain and develop
    cooperation and coordination with members and partners in the


  • Develop analysis of zero
    waste and anti-incineration issues in the cluster of developed countries
    in South East Asia, and lead in maintaining links, implementing support
    services on them; and developing cooperation and coordination where


  • In collaboration with other
    regional team members, identify and take on responding to specific
    support needs of members and partners as may be needed.


  • Provide support to other regional
    projects as may be needed.


The Asia-Pacific/Regional Program officer will preferably be based in GAIA’s Quezon City, Philippines office. This position requires an initial commitment of at least one year. Willingness to travel internationally and locally with frequency is required.

This is a full-time position working 5 days a week.