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Recycling in Europe is in danger. Excessive incineration capacity in some countries is causing that recyclable waste ends up being burned and that some other increase their waste shipments losing incentives to recycle.
Join the 2012 Global Day of Action on Waste and Incineration
Let's celebrate Zero Waste Successes around the World!
In this new film, the Story of Change, the Story of Stuff Project calls on citizens to flex their citizen muscles: to share a big idea that gets to the heart of the problem, to work together with other people, and to take action.
Story of Broke - Learn More Here.
New film by Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff Project.
Support Brazil's anti-incineration manifesto!
Brazil is threatened by a brutal offensive of incineration projects in different parts of the country, an offensive which blatantly violates the spirit of the recently approved General Waste Management Law. In response, the National Coalition Against Waste and Incineration has been formed, uniting social organizations and recyclers throughout the country. Please support the Coalition by signing their Manifesto.
Apoie o Manifesto Anti-incineração no Brasil! (portugués)
O Brasil está ameaçado por uma brutal ofensiva de projetos de incineração em todo o país que praticamente destruiu o espírito da Lei de Resíduos Sólidos recentemente aprovada. A comunidade reagiu e formou a Coalizão Nacional contra a incineração de resíduos no Brasil. Convidamos você a aderir ao manifesto da Coalizão.
¡Apoya el Manifiesto Anti incineración de Brasil! (español)
Brasil se encuentra amenazado por una brutal ofensiva de proyectos de incineración en distintos puntos del país, que virtualmente destruyen el espíritu de la Ley General de Residuos recientemente aprobada. La comunidad reaccionó y formó la Coalición Nacional Contra la Incineración de Residuos de Brasil. Les invitamos a adherir a su Manifiesto.
Shut Down Detroit's Incinerator and Promote Green Jobs!
At the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit, environmental justice groups, backed by the GAIA network, will lead a mass non violent civil disobedience action against a U.S. Goliath of climate and community pollution.
Thank you for taking action!
Thank you for taking action!

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