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CDM Toolkit THE Clean Development Mehanism (CDM) Toolkit – A Resource for Citiznes, Activists and NGOs
Toolkit to CDM – by CDM Watch Guide that provides an explanation of how the CDM and its tools for public participation work.
New GAIA pub tells all about Refuse Derived Fuel
As populations continue to grow, the issue of waste becomes more urgent and more complicated. Some municipal governments, seduced by the idea that they will be able to turn their urgent problem into something of immediate value, have made the mistake of investing significantly in refuse derived fuel (RDF) projects, resulting in the burning of waste in incinerators, cement kilns, and other combustion units.
GAIA pub shows how waste incinerators undermine recycling
October 22nd, 2013
Waste incineration undermines recycling. This conflict is particularly clear in so-called “waste-to-energy” incinerators, and is also true for burners that do not recover energy. The cases presented in this briefing paper clearly illustrate the many ways that incineration has worked against waste prevention and recycling in various locations around the globe.
Facts Rule Out Trash Gasification
Since WW II attempts to gasify municipal solid waste (MSW) have failed repeatedly. Processing trash with high heat is (1) polluting; (2) expensive; (3) energy inefficient; (4) destroys resources that could be reused, recycled, or composted; and (5) generates slag and other “by-products” that have to be landfilled.
Climate Justice Alignment Statement of Solidarity with Idle No More
Members of Climate Justice Alignment, stand in solidarity with Idle No More!
And the winner for greenhouse gas emissions is…
by Brian
February 18th, 2011
A new report by the Environmental Integrity projects shows that emissions of carbon dioxide, a known greenhouse gas that is causing climate change, jumped sharply in the U.S. last year.
Plastik, Plastik Di Walastik.
Plastik, Plastik Di Walastik. Ayaw ko ng Plastik! (Plastic Not Fantastic, I don't want Plastic. A leaflet on the environmental impacts of plastic written in Filipino.
7 Questions to Ask When Facing an Incinerator Proposal
Seven basic questions to ask when facing a proposal for a hazardous waste incinerator.
15 Campaign Tips
Tips for launching and sustaining successful campaigns.

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