Tips for launching and sustaining successful campaigns, culled from the presentation of Mary O’Brien of the Science and Environmental Health Network at the 19th Annual Pesticide Conference held in May 2001 in Boulder, USA.

1. Our campaigns need to be large in scope.

2. Whenever possible, our campaigns should focus on changing the rules.

3. Our campaigns should have positive, feasible goals that connect up with the way almost all people believe.

4. Our campaigns should simultaneously address environmental care, social

care, and democracy.

5. We need to intend to win.

6. We need to involve unlikely people.

7. We need to have a bizillion ways people can pitch in to help.

8. Thank everyone all the time.

9. Provide the public with simple answers to every argument the opposition has or might make.

10. Spread out power.

11. Be funny.

12. Be accessible so that all kinds of people can see themselves joining your campaign.

13. Have great art.

14. Do your whole campaign without ego.

15. Have fun.