GAIA is a worldwide alliance of more than 800 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals in over 90 countries whose ultimate vision is a just, toxic-free world without incineration.

Corporations Told: Own Up to Global Plastic Crisis

BANDUNG, Indonesia (March 8, 2018) — Companies producing and earning from their problematic products should take on the responsibility for the global plastic pollution. “It's unfair for companies, who earn billions of dollars annually, to pass the burden and...

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Facts about “Waste-to-Energy” Incinerators

Incinerators are facilities that treat waste by burning it. They come under many names such as “mass burn incinerators,” “thermal treatment facilities,” or so-called “waste-to-energy” (WTE) plants, and involve processes such as combustion, pyrolysis, gasification, or...

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